Although our shops are now closed, our website remains open - click here to read more about how we will cope with COVID-19

Cotton Organic Reusable Drawstring Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Andrew's Opinion

Director, Art of Living Cookshop

Disclaimer: this is taken from a previous email written by Andrew, the offers may no longer be available. 

Covid-19 Update

Andrew Bluett-Duncan

Director, Art of Living cookshop

Disclaimer: this information is correct at the time of publishing 01/04/2020, our situation will be under continuous review. 

Cotton Organic Reusable Drawstring Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Disclaimer: this is taken from a previous email written by Andrew, the offers may no longer be available. 

Andrew's Opinion

Director, Art of Living Cookshop

  • I recall letting a customer “Ann” know that they were imminent, as she’d written to me when I first talked about the nylon ones that we introduced back in March this year. She wanted to avoid plastics altogether and so was willing to wait for the cotton version to arrive. Well “Ann” and everyone else,  they have arrived! They come in a set of three of the same size, are made of organically grown cotton, have paper packaging and are £9.95 a set.
  • Following on from Boris’ latest announcement I, together with my management team, feel it’s the responsible thing to do to close our 3 bricks and mortar shops. So we closed last Monday 23rd March and will remain so for the time being.

    Our website shop remains open, alive and kicking.

    We use DPD for our deliveries to you and they have, as of last week already, implemented a contactless procedure, meaning that you do not have to sign for your parcel, or come in close contact with any of their drivers.

    As for the advice part of what you normally get in our shops, Babette, Jeanne and I will be happy to take your calls on 01737 221 007 and if you want to buy something then you can put your payment through the website , where we will also keep you updated with future developments.

    Andi, who runs the website, will also answer calls on the main website number 01737 222996 but that would be more for queries about your orders.

    Phew, what a situation everyone. They say it’s hard to change, yes, it is. And we are going through so much uncertainty that our usual modes of functioning or defence mechanisms are seldom useful.

    I have had some wonderfully moving feedback from some of you, either directly to me, or through our staff in the shops, and frankly, I don’t feel I deserve such kindness, but I am learning to take it, so thank you again, and I will keep writing.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Bluett-Duncan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Temporary Shop Closure

> Why are you closing your shops?

     As the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate and inline with Government guidance we made the decision to temporarily close all three Art of Living shops from 5.30pm on Monday 23rd March. These measures are to help with social distancing and protect both our customers and employees.

> Do you know when the shops will reopen?

     Our shops will remain closed until further notice. We will continue to follow Government advice about when to safely reopen and will keep you updated. 

> Can I still order on your website?

     Yes, you can still order online by visiting, where you can place orders for delivery to your home. 

> How are you managing to work safely?

We are managing to maintain our social distancing, with Andi, the website manager working from home in Redhill, Paul, our web admin / techy chap, from home in Horsham, Andrew, the boss, in his shed on the flat roof of the Reigate shop and Anthony furiously picking and packing your orders, alone, in our warehouse in Banstead, whilst getting through hand sanitizer at a tremendous rate!

> How will you deliver my order?

     DPD are our couriers, this is the latest update from them:

DPD Pickup Shop Network

To comply with the Government's advice to close non-essential shops, we are immediately suspending our DPD Pickup service.

This means your customers won't be able to drop off their parcels at a shop, divert their parcels to a shop in-flight or collect their parcels from their local shop.

We have also updated all our app users regarding the Pickup service.

Contact free delivery

We have added to our contact free delivery process recognising that some people may be self-isolating and unwilling or unable to open their door to receive parcels.

We have a range of delivery options for everyone:

Customers can download the DPD app and set their delivery preferences to leave in a safe place.

If they don't have the DPD app they can select Leave Safe in their in-flight options, if you've allowed us to do so.

Your customers can now leave a note on their front door telling us where to leave their parcel and our drivers will take a photo.

Without the leave in a safe place instruction, our drivers will not deliver the parcel.

Social Distancing

We have implemented new social distancing measures for all our people at work to help reduce social interaction between people.

Some of these processes involve staying 2 metres apart during briefings and for all operational procedures such as loading and unloading vehicles.

We are operating a wave delivery program which staggers driver start times to reduce the number of drivers on site at the same time and to minimise the contact of people.

> What will happen to orders I've already placed for delivery to a shop or Hubbox?

     We are making every effort to send you any uncollected parcels still in store. These parcels will be sent to the  billing address on your order. This will happen automatically and for FREE and there's no need to contact us to arrange. Any unsuccessful deliveries will be returned to us and we will get in touch to organise re-delivery, if re-delivery cannot be arranged you will be automatically refunded. 

> What if I’ve bought something from a shop or your website that I want to return?

     Don’t worry, please hold on to your items until the shops reopen. We will honour any returns in line with our returns policy when we reopen.