Cotton Organic Reusable Drawstring Fruit and Vegetable Bags

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I recall letting a customer “Ann” know that they were imminent, as she’d written to me when I first talked about the nylon ones that we introduced back in March this year. She wanted to avoid plastics altogether and so was willing to wait for the cotton version to arrive. Well “Ann” and everyone else, they have arrived! They come in a set of three of the same size, are made of organically grown cotton, have paper packaging and are £9.95 a set.

Saving the Planet

A great product and one that we should all be thinking of using, even if the supermarket you shop at has pre-packed the veg you’re buying. Take a leaf out of Babette’s book and leave the packaging in the shop. The more we, as customers, act in quiet protest to the huge excesses in packaging that, by our silence, we have condoned for years, the faster supermarkets will see that they need to change their attitude and the better our world will be. This last comment is written purely from my observation that food stuffs are often highly over packaged. So the caveat I want to make is that this is my observation and that I don’t actually know what supermarkets are proactively doing about trying to reduce the problem. In our trade there are some go ahead people, Dexam, Tala / Chef Aid and Eddington’s come to mind, who are making a conscious effort to reduce plastics both in packing materials and in the product itself. But coming back to my point, the more we show our concern for this green and pleasant land, the faster changes will take place.

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  • Made from organic cotton
  • Eco friendly
  • Not as inexpensive as Sainsbury's nylon food bags