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Demeyere SECONDS Atlantis Proline Frying Pan 28cm with Handle - FIRSTS Price £229 - Art of Living Cookshop
Demeyere SECONDS Atlantis Proline Frying Pan 28cm with Handle - FIRSTS Price £229 - Art of Living Cookshop

Demeyere SECONDS Atlantis Proline Frying Pan 28cm with Handle - FIRSTS Price £229

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NOTE: "SECONDS" in Demeyere terms means they have minor blemishes on the pots and don’t affect the remarkable performance of these pans in any material way.

Demeyere are the copper pans of the 21st century - they give as good a cooking result, but are easier to use and easier to maintain.

Demeyere believes three things are essential for perfect frying - the correct temperature, patience and a good quality pan without a non-stick coating.

Why we love it:
  • The pan is constructed from 7 Ply Material, from the base to the top edge. This ensures that heat is conducted quickly and spread evenly across the entire pan, so every inch can be used for frying
  • Unlike a frying pan that has a non-stick coating, this Demeyere stainless steel frying pan can withstand very high temperatures without being damaged. Don't get us wrong, if you use too high a heat then you might burn your food, but you won't ruin your pan; whereas if you overheat a frying pan with a non-stick coating you will ruin the pan. If something starts to stick to the pan then reduce the heat and wait for the food to lift
  • It is great for searing meat and sealing in flavour, especially when you cook without any fat or oil, which is also a much healthier way of cooking. Pre-heat the pan at a high temperature. After a few minutes test the temperature by dropping a few drops of water into the pan using a fork. When the water drops immediately turn into balls that jump around in the pan the correct temperature has been reached. Now decrease the temperature by 50%. Watch the video below for a guide on how to fry without fat or oil
  • Since it does not have a non-stick coating any type of utensil can be used - wooden, silicone or metal - without the risk of damaging the cooking surface. See our favourite fish slice that gives you ultimate and precise control
  • The welded stainless steel handle prevents the accumulation of dirt or leftovers and guarantee hygienic cooking. It is comfortable to hold and remains cool to touch on the hob so there is no need for a cloth or glove. The 28cm and 32cm pans have helper's handles on the side of the pan
Diameter = 28cm**Material: 18/10 stainless steel**7 Ply Material (3mm) including TriplInduc**Silvinox surface treatment**Suitable for all types of hobs, works especially well on induction**30 year guarantee
It is so easy to clean; you can either pop it in the dishwasher or if you prefer to clean it by hand, you can use a scourer since it is stainless steel. We recommended the Lady Jane Scourer used with Demeyereï¾’s own Cream Cleaner.
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