Epicurean Chopping Board Black - Art of Living Cookshop (2368265551930)
Epicurean Chopping Board Black - Art of Living Cookshop (2368265551930)
Epicurean Chopping Board Black - Art of Living Cookshop (2368265551930)

Epicurean Chopping Board Black

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“My favourite product”, Gemma (Art of Living Cobham, Manager) 

“I had to think quite a lot about this when I was asked to bring a 'Show and Tell' to our Annual Company Meeting. My kitchen does now look like another branch of Art of Living, after working here for quite a few years, so it took me a while to decide on the one product that I loved above the rest.

The winner of my ruthless selection was my Top Gourmet Board now rebranded as Epicurean Boards.

I bought my beloved chopping board 6 years ago, after hearing from the sales rep at the time that they would last almost a lifetime. He promised they would not go 'fluffy' like other wooden chopping boards and are dishwasher safe. He had also said you can sand back these wood composite boards, oil and re-use.

In the 6 years I have had it, it has had a lot of use. It has been used as a cheese board, chopping board and trivet  to put my hot pots and pans on. It will take temperatures up to 176°C without leaving marks.

Unlike glass worktop savers (that some people, unadvisedly use as chopping boards) it’s kind to your knives and wont blunt them.

I realised last week, looking at my very tired board, that I hadn't actually done the sanding and oiling thing. So I gave it a go. I used wet and dry paper (wet) and sanded it back. You can still see some of the deep cuts but most of the small, superficial cuts have come out. I then washed the board and waited for it to dry. Afterwards, I applied some Original Butchers block oil with a clean dry cloth leaving it a while before removing the excess.

The results are impressive even if I do say so myself! “

What the manufacturer says...

This Epicurean Chopping Board does everything you would want from a good chopping board and more! 

It is incredibly knife friendly - the surface allows itself to score slightly when you cut in order to protect the edge of the knife and avoid blunting it. 

It is made from natural fibre wood pulp which is laminated which makes it incredibly light. It is also very thin so is easy to store, especially because of the corner hole which means it can be hung as well as stored flat. 

It is heat-resistant to 350 degrees F/ 176 degrees C so can be used as a trivet and it will not split after repeated use and washing. It can actually be cleaned in the dishwasher, because the stuff that bonds wood pulp is water proof! Thanks to its non-porous qualities it prohibits the growth of bacteria and is approved by the National Sanitary Foundation for excellent hygiene performance!


Dishwasher safe.
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