Andrew Bluett-Duncan

No email this week...

18 December 2021

Andrew Bluett-Duncan


Merry Christmas

There is no email this week, partly because I've just been too busy on the website and I've been enjoying myself picking loads of glasses in the warehouse. And partly because, as you can probably imagine, it's going to be a difficult Christmas for us as a family, so as the 25th draws nearer I'm slightly apprehensive of how we will all experience the day.

As a result my heart isn't in it at present and the thought of talking pots and pans is a bit beyond me. 

I do, however, want to wish a very happy Christmas to you and your family and to thank you for reading my emails this year. 

Next Saturday is Christmas day so I'll be giving myself, and you, a Saturday off! I hope your last weekend before Christmas is not too hectic, or at least has some respite in it. 

Warm regards


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