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Stainless steel cookware from Demeyere makes the difference. This is because Demeyere adapts the technology of the cookware to suit different cooking methods. A frying pan needs to do a different job to that of a stockpot; a conical sauté pan must achieve a different result to that of a saucepan. So each type of Demeyere pan is designed for its specific cooking function. 

Demeyere‘s excellent design helps bring professional chefs and ambitious home cooks superb results.

Demeyere Ranges

A range of stainless steel cookware to suit every cook.

Demeyere Atlantis

Demeyere Atlantis

Very high spec. An extensive range and our best seller. If you can afford it, don't hesitate, invest, even if one at a time.

5 Star Rating

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Demeyere Apollo

Demeyere Apollo

Demeyere Apollo is an excellent and extensive range that includes oversized pots as used in restaurants.

4 Star Rating

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Demeyere Resto

Demeyere Resto

Resto by Demeyere is the only range not produced in Belgium but still up to Demeyere's high standards. Widely used in restaurants.

3 Star Rating

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Demeyere Industry

Demeyere Industry

Demeyere Industry is constructed in a 5 ply material as opposed to the 7 ply Atlantis. Initially designed for the American market, it has large handles.

4 Star Rating

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Demeyere John Pawson

Demeyere John Pawson

Very high spec. Classy, minimalistic design by British architect John Pawson.

5 Star Rating

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Demeyere Accessories

Demeyere Accessories

An extensive selection of specialist pans: Woks, Paella, Grill Pan, Maslin, Poacher, Smoker, Tepaniaki

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3 Reasons to Love Demeyere Saucepans

Why we recommend Demeyere


Food tastes better! Since you can cook with little or no water using Demeyere pans, food retains more flavour and nutrients and is better for you.

You save energy thanks to their perfect stainless steel lids with heavy handles which provide a hermetic seal. A good lid prevents loss of heat and energy.Perfect closure also allows steam to gather in the pot and therefore assures permanent steam condensation. Hence, you may prepare a very healthy meal with Demeyere products, using little to no water.

You can pour any liquid with absolutely no drips or spills because the upper rim of most pf the saucepans has a specially designed pouring edge. Less well designed pouring edges of cheaper pans might function well with water or low viscosity fluids but when you try to pour thick sauces or custards, the problems start.


Engineered without compromise

There are two ways to make stainless steel cookware. A thick material across the base and up the sides OR a thick material across the base only. Each type of construction is best suited to a particular job. Due to production costs manufacturers choose the one they 'prefer' and make all their pans using that same construction, making compromises in the process. Demeyere are the ONLY company in the world to use both methods.

Demeyere Straight Models

With very thick base, thin walls and tight fitting lids this construction produces very fast heat conduction and gives great control of heat retention. This type of construction is ideal for:

  • Saucepans
  • Casseroles
  • Stock Pots
  • Saute pans
Demeyere Conical Models

With 5 or 7 ply material throughout, this construction produces an even distribution of heat across the whole pan. It's ideal for:

  • Frying Pans
  • Sauciers
  • Grills
  • Woks

Demeyere are both innovators and experts in stainless steel cookware design:

Demeyere Silvinox


An unique electrochemical treatment that makes the stainless steel easy to clean and more resistant to fingerprints, harsh detergents and strong acidic foods. Products retain their silvery-white colour, even after years of use. Used on all ranges except Resto.

Demeyere Controlinduc


ControlInduc® stainless steel frying pans regulate the maximum heat on induction hobs to 250°C, meaning the pan can never overheat. Pans in this series are covered by the limited Demeyere warranty of 30 years. Comes as an option in the Atlantis range.

Demeyere Inductoseal


Constructed with a copper disk, hermetically embedded inside the base, ensures optimum heat distribution and provides a heat-conducting surface which is 33% larger than a traditional base allowing controlled cooking on a low heat, and is energy-saving. Used in Atlantis and John Pawson.

Demeyere Inductobase


The InductoBase® is a 7 layer base with a 5 mm Aluminium Core which ensures even heat transfer through the base. Used in Apollo.


Demeyere are the only manufactureres using 7 alloys, including an aluminium core giving optimum heat distribution up to the top edge, allowing for perfect control over the cooking process. The 7-PlyMaterial reaches up to 30% more efficiency on induction. Used in Atlantis, John Pawson and Apollo.

Demeyere 5ply


This special combination of different alloys, including aluminium, is still superior to most 3 ply on the market. Used on Industry and speciality items.


Useful Demeyere tips and entertaining videos from our own expert staff and a Michelin starred chef.

Bake Off: Crème de la Crème's Tom Kerridge demonstrates making Steak using Demeyere Frying Pan

Tom Kerridge, presenter of Bake Off: Crème de la Crème, winner of BBC 2's Great British Menu and chef patron of Michelin star pub is showing how to make a perfect steak using Demeyere Atlantis Frying Pan at Demeyere demonstration evening at Art of Living.

view more videos on our youtube channel

Tom Kerridge making Rissoto using the Demeyere Conical Saute Pan

Demeyere on Frying without Fat using Stainless Steel


Demeyere is a family-owned company that was founded in 1908 and is located in Herentals near Antwerp, Belgium. Demeyere is widely used by professional and amateur chefs in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Demeyere Storefront

Demeyere's first printed catalogue of household items was produced in 1931 and included kettles, coffee and tea sets but also plant pots and smoker sets.

Through the difficult war years Demeyere survived by manufacturing large soup pots for charitable food distribution.

Luckily the war did not paralyse the company, succession was assured. Maurits Emmanuel Demeyere (*Antwerp 1921) graduated as an engineer and from 1946 onwards he adjusted the company’s direction once and for all into manufacturing household items. The range of household items manufactured gradually increased. In 1980 he opened a new factory (30,000 m2/7.5 acres) in Herentals in response to the growing demand.

Spanning several generations Demeyere has continually developed high quality stainless steel utensils with a very wide mix of products and series in order to respond to the expectations of the most demanding users and chefs. Demeyere always endeavours to deliver the ultimate quality product with performance, comfort, safety, health and durability as key contributory factors. Its careful designs complement the enjoyment of a healthy and enjoyable kitchen.

Demeyere constantly applies its own advanced and specific technology in combination with specialised workmanship in order to respond to the most difficult and diverse of cullinary challenges. it is the only specialised cooking services company in the world that uses a different technology for each product, depending on the requisite cooking methods and processes.

Why not discover from us just what Demeyere has developed and why it is such a unique experience to savour the most exclusive of cooking experiences that you will enjoy for many years to come.

3 More Reasons to Love Demeyere Saucepans

Demeyere Strawberry Dipping into Pan

They have stay cool handles, either cast or moulded. Because of their deign and form of 18/10 stainless steel, the handles remain fairly to very cool. They are developed to minimise the heat conduction so you can easily hold them.

They are easy to clean - all products are dishwasher resistant and have a surface treatment of either Silvinox or Brinox for long durability. Silvinox treatment enriches the stainless steel by removing iron and impurities from it and results in a a matt, silvery white finish which is resistantto discolouration and fingerprint. Brinow treatment is a unique polishing method that results in a magnificant shine and deep glossy finish.

They are hygienic - no rivets or screws are to be found on the inside of the products, easy to grasp handles and hermetically sealed bottoms ... these are all measures taken at the design and manufacturing levels in order to prevent dirt, fat or bacteria accumulating and to ensure the pans are hygienic.