For over 100 years, Demeyere has been adapting the technology of cookware to suit different cooking methods.

A frying pan needs to do a different job to that of a stockpot; a conical sauté/saucier pan must achieve a different result to that of a saucepan.

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Demeyere frying pan with pancakes

Why Demeyere?

Demeyere is a long-term investment, and certainly one of the most worthwhile out of the products we sell.

Your Demeyere cookware will last a lifetime: they won't get damaged easily, and are built with the best technologies in the industry.

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From our customers and staff

Very high spec. Atlantis is an extensive range and our best seller. If you can afford it, don't hesitate, invest, even if one at a time.

Andrew Bluett-Duncan

Wow this is my first one and I love it! it works great if you follow the "rules" and clean up is easy.
Awesome pan!


Great frying pan. Use it all the time. Even heat distribution. Cool handles. Well designed.


Demeyere Bases & Technologies

The 7-PlyMaterial® and 5-PlyMaterial® bases give you outstanding temperature control and heat distribution to the edge of the pan, working alongside Demeyere's performance technologies.

7-PlyMaterial "Straight"

Optimum heat distribution with benefits of cooking with copper

Consists of seven layers including a heat-conducting core of pure copper and Demeyere's unique Triplinduc material.

InductoSeal® is used in Atlantis & John Pawson Saucepans, Sauté Pans, Casseroles and Stock Pots.

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7-PlyMaterial "Conical"

An even distribution of heat, even on low heat

Consists of seven layers including a heat-conducting core of pure aluminium and Demeyere's unique TriplInduc technology.

Used in the base of the saucepans of the Apollo range also in the whole body of the Conical Sauté/Saucier of both the Atlantic and Apollo ranges, and also in the whole body of the Atlantis Proline frying pans.

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Excellent heat distribution to the very edge

This special combination of different alloys, including aluminium, is still superior to most 3 ply on the market. Used on Industry and speciality items.

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Up to 30% more efficiency on induction

TriplInduc is a unique combination of three alloys that provides up to 30% more efficiency on induction hobs.

It is used in the Atlantis, John Pawson and Apollo ranges and form three of the 7-PlyMaterial construction.


Heat control technology for induction

Some years back Demeyere developed a little bijou of ingenuity. Initially done for pans with a non-stick coating which get destroyed when overheated above 280°C, Demeyere manage to create a pan which was magnetic up to 250°C, and then stopped being magnetic. Meaning that one could never bring the coating to 280°C or above. We sell less Demeyere "coated" products because we are keen to explain to customers how to use stainless steel pans without them sticking.

ControlInduc® is available in both "coated" and "uncoated".


Your pans will still look new in 20 years

Silvinox is an electrochemical treatment unique to Demeyere that makes the stainless steel easy to clean and very resistant to fingerprint marks, harsh detergents and strong acidic foods.

The products retain their silvery-white colour, even after years of use.