Under Review: Cuisinart Multi Temp Jug Kettle

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This is the kettle we use in the kitchen in the Reigate shop and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, as a jug kettle it's much better looking than most of the competition, as it's a clean uncluttered design executed in stainless steel.

Secondly I prefer my tea made from water a little below boiling and this kettle happily does 85°C, 90°C and 95°C as well of course as 100°C. It's also pretty fast and quiet, I just boiled enough for a mug in about a minute. So, for me, this is a good all-round kettle at for the price.

And, in fact, I've just remembered we put one in the kitchen in Banstead when we first opened and so far as I know, it was still going strong more than 10 years later!

1 comment

  • Tony Dutton

    We too have had one of these kettles for at least ten years, works perfectly and just has the occasional descale. Modest and unflashy, thoroughly recommended!

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