Falcon Enamel Oblong Pie Dishes

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These Pie Dishes are old favourites of mine.

They are the traditional white enamel pie dishes, with a blue rim to them, that presumably used to be made over here, but for decades now, certainly since the 1970’s, Poland has been producing in huge quantities.

They come in 9 sizes, and we currently have them all in stock.

Why are they a favourite?

Well, they are enamelled, which is very tough and easy to clean.

Being steel, unlike glass (Pyrex) or pottery, they transmit heat very well.

They don’t break if you drop them, (although you might chip them as they are fairly light quality).

And finally they are dishwasher safe and of course freezer safe, probably doesn’t need saying you can’t put them in the microwave.

And finally finally, they are very good value for money.

Doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see a steak and kidney pie grinning up at you as you’re about to make the first incision…!

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