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Riedel Glassware

The array of available Riedel wine glasses can be somewhat overwhelming. Your first decision as a Riedel purchaser will be which collection most suits your budget and taste.

Once you have made that decision, the rest is much easier as you build your collection of grape-specific glasses within that range. 

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Manager of Art of Living Banstead

Riedel Vinum Bordeaux Glass with specification

Riedel Vinum Range 

Vinum was the first grape-specific, machine-made series of glasses in history and remains Riedel's best selling range, combining quality and value. Perfect for everyday use.

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Riedel Veritas Wine Glasses

Riedel Veritas Range 

Veritas is taller than Vinum, but 25 % lighter and finer, whilst maintaining dishwasher safety, break resistance and being suitable for long term daily use at home. 

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Riedel O Wine Glasses

Riedel O Range

O is a grape variety-specific stemless wine tumbler, based on the shapes of Riedel's best-selling Vinum range. It fits into every dishwasher & broken stems are a thing of the past!

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Riedel Red Wine Glasses - Art of Living Cookshop

Riedel Red Wine Glasses

Just 32 varieties make up the majority of the red wine available in the marketplace. Lighter bodied wines will need a different shaped glass to a bolder, more full bodied red wine.
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Riedel Extreme Wine Glasses

Riedel Extreme Range

The Riedel Extreme Range was produced to showcase & enhance the intense structure & concentration of New World wines. The large bowl provides space to allow the bouquet to develop fully.

Riedel Extreme Glasses
Riedel Veritas Wine Glasses

Riedel Sommeliers Range 

Riedel Sommeliers is the most successful series of hand-made glasses in the world. Introduced in 1973, Riedel Sommeliers is the pinnacle of Riedel's varietal specific glassware.

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Riedel Performance Wine Glasses

Riedel Performance Range

Riedel Performance is the first Riedel wine glass series ever to feature bowls with a light optic impact. This adds a pleasing visual aspect, as well as increasing the inner surface area.

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Riedel White Wine Glasses - Art of Living Cookshop

Riedel White Wine Glasses

White wine drinkers love their refreshing and tart acidity, floral aromas and fruit-forward nature. While most vineyards age their white wine in stainless steel vats to preserve the floral and fruity notes, others, such as Montrachet, age in oak to develop a nutty taste and creamy mouthfeel.
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Riedel Ouverture Wine Glasses

Riedel Ouverture Range

Riedel Ouverture is Riedel's entry level series of non-varietal specific crystal glasses for customers who appreciate good, reasonably priced wine.

Riedel Ouverture Glasses
Riedel Superleggero Wine Glasses

Riedel Superleggero Range 

"Superleggero": the name says it all, as these beautiful glasses are "super light". This lead-free, hand-made range of glasses are perfectly balanced instruments for drinking pleasure

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Riedel Performance Wine Glasses

Riedel Winewings Range

The Riedel Winewings range has a flat and stretched bottom, with a wing-like shape to increase the surface area between wine and air to develop a greater intensity of aroma.

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Riedel Champagne Glasses - Art of Living Cookshop

Riedel Champagne Glasses

Champagne will always tempt you on a celebratory occasion (or any other!). To enjoy it to its maximum, try out one of Riedel's fantastic glasses, designed specifically for the drink.
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Braised Beetroot with Burrata and Orange 

This is a great sharing starter that is brought to the table direct from the oven in the roaster. With the deep autumnal colours of beetroot and orange this is sure to impress. Serve with crusty bread for dipping and spreading. The creamy burrata with the earthy yet sweet flavour of the beetroot is a delightful pairing.

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Le Creuset Kitchen

Manager of Art of Living Banstead

Jeanne's Berry Tart

This is exactly like the strawberry tart but with all the other berries I could find in the supermarket. If you can get your...

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Spring Green Spelt Risotto 

A creamy risotto-inspired dish with extra bite that is packed full of nutrients and flavour. This healthier take on an Italian classic... 

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Salmon Marinated with Nanban Sauce 

Nanbanzuke is marinated fried fish in a delicious citrus, soy sauce-based...

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Jeanne Bluett-Duncan

Manager of Art of Living Banstead

I started working for Art of Living in 2010 as a Saturday girl and have been with the company on and off as I was pursuing being a pastry chef. I studied at Westminster Kingsway College and worked in 2 5* hotels; South Lodge Hotel and Pennyhill Park Hotel. In November 2017 I joined Art of Living permanently starting in the warehouse to pick and pack online orders and now I’m the Shop Manager for the Banstead shop.

Paul Taylor

Team Member of Art of Living Reigate

I’ve been at AOL now for 12 years. Starting my training with Babette at Reigate and working my way up to floor manager. I have done a few cake classes and master classes on knife skills and plenty of demos in all of our shops.....more than I can remember. I still love it! Before joining AOL, I am a classically trained chef taking 3 years. I’ve worked in small restaurants, pubs, hotels and mainly on the hospitality side which has taken me up and down the country and over to OZ

Em Hay

Manager of Art of Living Reigate

I have been working in my favourite shop (Art of Living) for nearly 5 years. I joined the Reigate team after finishing a contract working as chef/stewardess on a private yacht for a couple of years. I’ve had lots of previous vocations in my life from stage manager to actor and then I was offered the chance to do a Cordon Bleu course and travel with my partner, Andi who was captain of said yacht. He now also works for Art of Living. I love cooking and I relish the chance to share knowledge with customers in the shop.

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