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The array of available Riedel wine glasses can be somewhat overwhelming. Your first decision as a Riedel purchaser will be which collection most suits your budget and taste.
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Range Price range Our opinion
Vinum From £43.95 per pair High quality glassware for everyday use
Veritas From £49.95 per pair Perfect for wine lovers, unique design and worth the investment
O From £23.95 per pair Stemless alternative, great for a gift or for casual drinking
Extreme From £31 per pair Featuring large bowls and long stems, intensifying the wine flavours
Sommeliers From £96 Add an extra level to the drinking experience, perfect for enjoying fine wines
Performance From £45 per pair Unique optic impact, enhances the wine's aromas
Ouverture From £22 per pair Great starting range for wine drinkers, can be used for any varietal
Superleggero From £99 Extremely lightweight and ultra-thin, for the most fine dining
Winewings From £27 An unusual design, but perfect for advanced wine drinkers
Riedel Red Wine Glass by a swimming pool
Red Wine Glasses
Just 32 varieties make up the majority of the red wine available in the marketplace. Lighter bodied wines will need a different shaped glass to a bolder, more full bodies red wine.
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Riedel White Wine Glasss
White Wine Glasses
White wine drinkers love their refreshing and tart acidity, floral aromas and fruit-forward nature.
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Some of the world's most popular glassware. Compare Riedel ranges and discover what's right for you in our Buying Guide.

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