Tower BBQ 4 Piece Tool Set Boxed

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Now, I didn’t ever think we’d be selling a Tower product in Art of Living. Call me a snob if you like, but I didn’t associate Tower with anything worthwhile in the cookshop world until I came across this rather nice BBQ Tool set from them.

And it is just that…rather nice.

Decent thickness of stainless steel, wooden handles (doesn’t say what wood, but I’d guess rubber wood, which a fast growing sustainable hard wood) and you get a long handled Fork, a Pair of Tongs and a long handled Fish Slice.

All this is contained in nice wooden box.

And once I’d got over the irritation of the box liner coming out when I pulled the tools out (I’ll stick the liner in if I buy one) I thought that this was a very good thirty quid’s worth.

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