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Recruiting and a new, nicely made range of Kitchen Tools from WL

26 FEBRUARY 2022

Andrew Bluett-Duncan


Riedel Delivery

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the awful looking Saunderton Shaker from Cole and Mason and joked that I was half expecting our account to be put on hold, until a suitably worded apology was received. But instead of a retaliatory strike and to show how broadminded she is, Jane Mason the DKB Commercial Director (parent company of Cole and Mason) wrote me a charming email saying that she was pleased that I would write about a product that I disliked and equally charmingly pointed out that my point of view might be considered subjective… You may, if you were paying attention, recall that I’ve already told you all this. So, why go over old ground. Well this week I’m waxing lyrical about another DKB range and I didn’t want you to feel that I might be doing so just to curry favour. I’m not!

Many, many years ago a company called William Levine (WL) came into existence, but I’m afraid I never really knew them that well,  so my knowledge of their company history is a bit scant. Undoubtedly their first claim to fame was to persuade a then unknown fella, called “Ken Hom” to design and endorse their Woks. This they did with spectacular results and still today they are probably the best known low to mid priced range of woks on the market, and rightly so, although the market has become much more challenging for them with likes of Dexam’s Jeremy Pang School of Wok, vying for position.

Anyway, back to WL. They were an innovative firm by anybody’s standards and another design first was the ground breaking “Magican”, the first can opener on the market that didn’t leave nasty sharp edges everywhere and was genuinely easy to use. For this they invented a new sub-brand called Culinare, which I think they intended to be an upmarket one. However, as the years have passed I’d say they rather lost ground and we’ve not really stocked anything, other than the Magican, from that range for quite some time. At some point, in the not too distant past, they were bought by the Swiss household brand “Diethelm Keller Brands” (DKB). And so it was, that a few weeks ago Andy Wheeler, our DKB account manager, showed me a new range of basic kitchen utensils that had virtually no plastics in them and instead employed handles made of a type of grass (Bamboo which is very fast growing, a very tough “grass/wood” and is therefore highly ecological) and where the hardware was stainless steel, thick enough to really do the job in a business like, uncompromising sort of way. So much so, in fact, that I found myself taking rather a liking to them.  I thought the pricing was very competitive (almost under priced if anything) the handles very “Green” in short a really good product.

I’ve chosen 8 pieces from the range, which comprises:

Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Julienne Peeler

Same as above but for cutting Julienne strips. I’m afraid I haven’t tried this one so if you buy it and find it too hard to use (which can be a problem with some Julienne peelers) then we will of course take it back for a refund. Or perhaps suggest the Zyliss equivalent, which I know from experience is a doddle to use.


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Whisk

This is currently out of stock in Reigate, so I can’t really comment on it. I’d expect it to be of similar quality. After I wrote this, I was in Banstead on Wednesday and saw we had some and they were much as I expected, nice springy loops that will beat lots of air into the mix.


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Coarse Grater

This is the real McCoy. This is an etched bladed grater which if you are still living in the dark ages, without your grater being etched, then really you haven’t lived. This will blow your socks off! This grater will produce at least double the amount of gratings, than a standard grater, for less effort….in short brilliant. Good for Cheese, Chocolate, Carrots, and for this quality to be paying only £10 makes it a bit of a bargain.


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Straight Peeler

Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Fine Grater

The fine version of the above. Good for the zest of Lemon, Lime and Orange, and then Ginger, Garlic (almost pureed) Chocolate etc. Also £10.


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Straight Peeler

Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Straight Peeler

Not much to say about a potato peeler except that it is a reasonably solid bit of kit with eye removers both sides, presumably for right and left handed users. 


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Potato Masher

Not tried it, but seems business like, strong stainless frame with a thoughtful addition of a silicon wiper on one side, to scrape potato off the side of the pan. 


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Straight Peeler

Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Pizza Slicer

Not a lot to say about this either, nice big wheel about 100mm (4”) in diameter which I think helps when cutting thick or lumpy Pizza’s, and that’s it!


Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Straight Peeler

Culinare Naturals Bamboo Handle Straight Peeler

Here, there’s three different and useful spatulas (curiously linked together by a sort of key ring, why I’m not sure, but it’s easy enough to separate them). First, there’s a narrow one for getting into small spaces, jam jars etc. Then a Spoonula type of affair, followed by the biggest which is just the sort of rubber (Silicon) spatula my mum used for making cakes. One therefore, that I often got to lick, and still recall the taste of both scraps of cake mixture and the smell of the rubber spatula (because they were rubber in those pre silicon days). So a good set for £9.00


If you find yourself tempted by this range, then we’d be happy to offer you an opening deal. Buy any three pieces, and we’ll take 25% off the bill. Use code NATURAL25 this weekend if on the website, tell us who you are if coming into the shops.

Warehouse Manager role 

I think that that is it, product wise, for this week, but I’ve been meaning to mention that we are looking for a trainee (or fully qualified) warehouse manager for quite some time now. The candidate could be either someone with experience in leading people or maybe someone who we train ourselves for the role. The right attitude is the predominant characteristic that we are looking for, in anyone who we want to join us. Pretty well everything else can be learnt or taught in the role.   

If you are interested, or know someone who’s a foodie who might be, please call Em in the Reigate shop on 01737 242 302 or alternatively go online to our Home page, click on ‘Work with AOL” in the green band at the top of the page.

I hope you have an enjoyable and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan Director

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