How to make the perfect Hot Chocolate with Dualit’s Cocoatiser

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The Dualit Cocoatiser Hot Chocolate Maker and the Dualit Hand Held Milk Frother can be used with flakes, buttons or segments of chocolate, making it easy for you to use your favourite type of chocolate. 

Seamlessly creating luxurious Hot Chocolate has never been easier.

For best results we recommend using chocolate flakes, though you can use chocolate segments no larger than 1cm² and 0.5cm thick, powder or buttons no smaller than 1cm diameter and 0.5cm thick.

Use pure chocolate only, with no added ingredients such as nuts, raisins, biscuit, coconut, caramel, wafer, nougat etc., as they may block the whisk.

TIP: If you are choosing to use a bar of chocolate, breaking the chocolate into smaller pieces will ensure it melts more efficiently and reduces residue.

  1. Attach the basket to the whisk attachment and add to the Cocoatiser. Check that the whisk spins freely.
  2. Pour 225ml of cold milk into the Cocoatiser.
  3. Place your chosen type of chocolate on top of the Whisk & Basket Attachment. This ensures that the chocolate melts evenly and doesn’t get caught in the Whisk before melting.
  4. Press the Power Button and wait for the cycle to complete.
  5. Pour your Hot Chocolate into your mug and enjoy!

Extra Step: Top your Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows for the dreamiest treat!

Hints & Tips

  • Always use cold milk straight from the fridge.
  • The Cocoatiser works best with milk that has a high protein level e.g. dairy or soya.
  • Dualit recommends using semi-skimmed or UHT milk. Full fat milk will not froth well as the fat content is greater than 3%. Remember, different milks froth at different rates.
  • When using plant-based milk such as soya, oat, almond etc., make sure to use ‘barista-grade’ as these varieties will produce more froth.
  • If you find chocolate residue in the Jug after serving, on next use wait 1 minute after the cycle has finished, before pouring.
  • Choosing a chocolate with a lower cocoa content will reduce the amount of residue as it has a lower melting point.
  • If you find chocolate residue on the Basket after frothing, move the Whisk up and down while submerged in the hot milk, until it has melted.
  • Check that the Whisk and Basket spin freely before using your device. Any residue may affect functionality. Ensure the Jug and all Attachments are clean before use and before storing.
  • If you prefer a sweeter chocolate drink, add up to 50g of chocolate. Note this may increase the amount of residue.



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