A Really Good Little Cleaning Product


The Scrubby, as you probably know, is a "Cloth", a "Scrubber", a "Dishcloth", a "Thing" that measures about 5" x 7" and its purpose is for cleaning cookware. In fact, apparently you, or someone with a passing resemblance to you, buys them not in ones but in multiples (and in case you're wondering how on earth I know that it's you in particular who buys them, I don't, of course, but we sell so many, that statistically speaking, you have to be amongst the hundreds of people who do). In fact, they get passed across the counter in handfuls sometimes, resulting in us selling quite literally thousands per year.

Ok, so I can feel one of my Gerald Ratner moments coming on now, when I say I don't understand their popularity, and that in fact I rather dislike them. Why am I so against them? Well, they are very rough (which is of course also their selling point as the roughness helps the cleaning), they barely hold any water, because they're so coarse, and well, I just don't like them. I did notice on the packaging that they are made from 100% cotton and that you can use them safely on non-stick surfaces. But I still don't like them.

The Scrubby Sponge

Now we also sell their sister product, called a Scrubby Sponge and this is a rather different kettle of fish. Somewhat finer in texture, it has three layers (unlike the single layer of the Scrubby) with the two abrasive layers surrounding a sponge. Now this is the one I use at home because it holds water, and soap easily, is sufficiently abrasive to do the job and is much more flexible, as well. A really good little cleaning product. Good for not only kitchen use but also bathroom and even in the garden, for cleaning, say, garden furniture. To clean it you can put it in the washing machine, although they do say not with delicate items. 

I've had a bit of a hectic week this week, so whilst I intended to talk about an interesting new electrical range we've just taken on, I think I'll have to leave that until next week.

I hope you have a reasonably cool weekend.

Kind regards

Andrew Bluett-Duncan



  • Andrew Bluett-Duncan

    Hello Mandy
    Should I be reading something into this comment!!

  • Mandy Cole

    Not sure why I especially like this particular post about the”good little cleaning product.” It’s a modest quiet post about a humble useful necessary tool… maybe that’s it. No jumping about, no fireworks, no delusional expectations…just simplicity. Calming. Thank you, mandy

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