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A week to put behind me...

23 APRIL 2022

Andrew Bluett-Duncan


Riedel Delivery

This week has been one of those challenging and rather trying weeks that I'd really rather forget. I was meant to be going away for a few days, but that fell through, for one reason or another. We've interviewed three people in the last few weeks and offered roles to two candidates, who for very good reasons, have chosen not to take up the offers. I've been working on my "Why" with a friend, and we've made significant progress, but still not quite there and I'm impatient, so that's a frustration, and to cap it all today I looked down at my left hand to notice that my wedding ring had disappeared, which in the normal run of things, had Babette been around, would have been sad but resolvable. But with her gone, it's taken on a proportion that it probably doesn't deserve!

So yes a really shitty week one way or another...or was it?

Well, last Saturdays email produced some interesting responses (and quite a lot of sales...thank you) about my hifi comments from blokes (of course!), and Matt (a customer) wrote to me to tell me that my emails worked, and what wonderful service he'd got on visiting the Cobham shop a few weeks ago. He also made some other very touching comments which warmed the cockles of heart. So perhaps it hasn't been so bad after all, if I think about it. But when I'm just feeling it, the negative feel is still a bit overpowering!!!

So I am sorry but that's the limit of my creativity for this week. I hope to be inhabiting a "much better space" by next Saturday guarantees, but I shall do my best!

I'm intending to have a better weekend than I have had a week, and I wish you a pleasant and peaceful one, as well.

Kind regards,


Andrew Bluett-Duncan Director


  • Andrew Bluett-DuncanApr 25, 2022

    Dear Rebecca
    I’ve got it have I ? Thank you for your faith in my resilience, I shall try to live up to it! Thank you for recommending us to your friend and I’m very glad to hear that we and the product bore scrutiny! Incidentally, I did eventually reply to your query about frying and what heat to use, but I was very late and couldn’t recall if I’d let you know?
    Kind regards

  • Rebecca Apr 25, 2022

    You’ve got this Andrew; everyday is a new day, brush yourself off, reflect, focus. Be kind to yourself.
    On a positive note, I suggested the AOL and the riviera collection to a friend purchasing a gift for someone in the Uk; great service and the friend loved it 😊

  • Andrew Bluett-DuncanApr 24, 2022

    Dear Julia
    Thank you for deciding to drop me a line this week and for your thoughtful words, I’m very glad that my emails have some meaning for you and thank you for pointing out that we have such a lot of support. Never ceases to awaze me how much that is true. Thank you again for writing

    Dear Lesley
    Thank you for your response and I’m very glad that our service levels on the Website are so high. Also very glad you’re enjoying Demeyere pans, It was my first big find when I took over the buying from my parents in 1985 and one that I’m so glad I found. Their attitude to designing, building and then refining pans has taught me a lot about how to run our business. A great company with a great product.

    Dear Nicola
    Thank you for responding to my email this week. It’s not necessarily what one says, it can be that just turning up is more than enough! I’m very glad you’re enjoying the Magimix, you don’t say which one you have, but all sizes are pretty consistent and are quietly amazing machines, I think. Understated excellence, right up my street!

    Dear Mandy
    A very typical thoughtful piece from you (and Kit) and thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your love and support over the thousands of miles that separate us. Virtual huge hug received, with great thanks to you both.

    Dear Diane
    Thank you for your response, and yes I know how you feel when you hint at the impotence of such a situation. Its a bit like death, final and rather incomprehensible …

    Thank you all for writing to me. It means a great deal to me, your caring .

  • Diane CardwellApr 23, 2022

    Dear Andrew, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your ring. You must be simply sickened. I guess you have lost weight and it slipped from your finger. There is little I can say that would be helpful except that I feel for you. Diane.

  • MandyApr 23, 2022

    Sounds like you’re having what Kit calls, “ a poor sweet baby moment”…. It’s a legitimate down-deep place of sadness and frustration, one that requires a genuine and sincere huge hug to help re mind you that you are loved. Kit and I are sending you one at this moment, by airmail. May today be brighter! Mandy

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