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Some time ago, Bryony Dyer, who is the MD of Dexam, came to see me, as is her wont and as result of one of her visits (with cake naturally, what a kind girl) she sent me some samples of what was then a new range of storage.

It’s called “Ultra” from the New Zealand firm, Sistema.

It's stackable (and when I say stackable it is really safe to stack three or four canisters on top of each other without fear of them toppling), airtight, and made of Tritan plastic which is not only safe for food storage, but is extremely difficult to break (in most people’s books it's unbreakable).

The 'Square' version is completely clear, barring the black seal around the lid, looks smart, in a fairly minimalist way, and rather cleverly has transparent lids so that if you are looking down on them you can still see what’s in them.

In the kitchen at home, we keep everything in drawers, big and small and it would be possible to store them quite low down and yet still see we’ve got.

Simple and clever.

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