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Well, as Christmas is only 36 days away, I thought I ought to get seriously commercial this week and, as a by product, help you find some of your Christmas presents for this year as well. You might think I've got this statement in the wrong order here, shouldn't I be putting your needs first? You may well be right, but what you are seeing here is just a wee glimpse of the nasty streak of commercialism that runs through me, that for most of the year I manage to keep under wraps! Andi and Paul have been known to tease me about what they see as my reluctance to try and sell you anything.

Mino Sharp

I'm going to start with my favourite knife sharpener, because the last quarter of the year is when a large proportion of our knife sales take place and you may be thinking of how you're going to carve the turkey with that blunt carving knife. You may have plans to replace some knives, in which case we can most certainly help there. But before you write off your existing knives you might like to consider the Mino Sharp Knife sharpener which, in my opinion, is £35 quids worth of knife sharpening heaven. It puts a seriously sharp edge on any reasonable to good quality knife, with little effort and with no skill whatsoever. My offer this weekend is £34.99 down to £29.50.

Use Code MINO if you're on the website.

Tell us who you are if coming into Reigate, Cobham or BANSTEAD.....yes BANSTEAD!

This is only the second time this year we've been open in Banstead on a Saturday! And well done to Sally and her team (ably trained and helped by Em) for achieving this.

Global Offers

If your knives are past redemption, or you just want a change/upgrade, then I have a couple of treats for you (if you are a "shop" shopper, but sadly not yet for delivery, because of Government regulations, but you can order online for "Click & Collect").

If you are in need of a cooks knife then there's a "Global 20cm (8") Cooks Knife Plus Mino Sharp" included in the cost of £120.

There's an "Global 11 slot Knife Block" filled with just 6 knives (leaving plenty of expansion room) with a sensible selection of knives to start with, for £399.

And the other Global Knife offer is a "Global Three Piece Set" of the Global 20cm Cooks Knife, a GS-3 Veg knife, and a GS-68 Potato Peeler. When writing this email I didn't have the paperwork to check the pricing. But apparently according to a number of websites this little lot has an RRP of £349.95. Not sure what I think of the reality of this huge difference in price, but at our price of £149 there is no one cheaper on the world wide web.

And without question what you are getting for your money makes these very good value.

Cole Mason Hachoir

Whilst on the subject of knives I thought I'd mention the very substantial bit of kit from my chums at Cole and Mason. Its their Hachoir and Board (matching with a hollow cut into the surface to encourage stuff to stay some of the time!) Very sensibly, it has folding handles that reduce storage space needed and fold over the blade to protect it from blunting itself against other things in the drawer. If you're a Hachoir fiend, then this may well be right up your street.

At £24.95 this is very good value for money. At present we are price matching Amazon so it comes down to £21.99!

Robert Welch Kingham Cutlery

Robert Welch do some mouth watering ranges of Cutlery, some of which are really "off the wall" and also some "calmer" designs that are just elegant. Kingham is one of the latter, that happily also comes into their more affordable price range. So, normally £95 would buy you a 24 Piece Set, with 6's of Knife, Fork, Spoon and Teaspoon.

This Christmas, on top of that you get 6 Free Steak Knives in the same style as the table knives. So the real the cost to you per piece is a little over £3.00, if I've got my sums right.

Lovely design at a pretty reasonable price. £95.00 for 30 pieces.

Phone Holder

Ok, to finish off this eclectic mix of product, I've taken another example of good design in the form of the Kikkerland (a Dutch Outfit, explains the strange name and spelling, I think?) Bird Phone Holder. This may sound like a toy but in fact it's a practical, stylish way of holding your phone in a block of bird shaped beech.

A really very useful £10 worth, comes boxed.

Ok so that's it for this week.

One tip that comes to mind (and may well help tempt you into spending money with us) is a reminder that a blunt knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one....

I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards,


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