Marmitout for a Song

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This week's email really is going to be a brief one. Two reasons. One I'm really short of time this week partly because there are two days that I won't be around, and secondly Andi is away on holiday which means Paul J is taking on his typesetting duties and he has a large work load. So I'm mindful to not put too much on his shoulders if I can help it.

Riedel feedback

I do want to thank you however if you were one of those who expressed your interest in a possible Riedel Tasting event. I hadn't realised just how many positive replies I'd got to this question because when I last checked, probably on the morning the email came out, only a very small number had replied. That is no longer the case. So thank you!

A Le Creuset Mamitout for a song

Vicky, our girl from Le Creuset, came up with a new offer for us this week, the Le Creuset Marmitout 26cm in Volcanic, Le Creuset's archetypal Orange. It's an over stock that they had in their European warehouse I believe and if you're in the market for a medium casserole (3.4litres which is about 6 pts) and a lid that doubles quite genuinely as a 24cm (9") frying pan, then have I got a treat for you, because that describes the Marmitout to a tee. Having just re read this I'm wondering what the likelihood is, that you woke this morning with a burning desire to buy a casserole with a frying pan as a lid? But due to time constraints I think I'll have to dismiss this question for another time.

Anyway back to the casserole, its RRP is £235 and Le Creuset 's 30% off price comes to the catchy sum of £164.50, but I thought that £159 sounded a trifle better, so that's what we're offering it for. I did have a quick look around the internet last night to see that the price was competitive and couldn't find much if any of the 26cm size although a number of the smaller 22cm were available.

Shop Le Creuset Marmitout

So if I'm right this may well be unique to us at present, but do check it out for yourself. I'm told by one or two members of my family, that I often don't see things that are actually staring me in the face.

If you prefer your "sales emails" brief and pithy, then that's exactly what you've got this week. If on the other hand, your preference is for my usual slightly longer style then my apologies, I'll try to make more time for it next week!

I do hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards,


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  • Jane Ling

    Dear Andrew,
    I may be a little late in responding but I am interested in the Riedel Tasting event. Please could you add me to your list.
    Many thanks,
    Jane Ling

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