Picnicware offer, Infinite thinking and the ring returns!


The Ring Returns

Yes my wedding ring, that I thought was a goner, turned up on Monday this week, to my great surprise and delight! Zamir who is a smiling Romanian, working for my builder (who's currently replacing our fence at home), knocked on the door and with a lovely smile on his face, handed me back my ring. He’d found it on the decking, near the outside tap, and I suspect that the ring slipped off my finger when my hand was cold and wet from watering the plants! Quite something!

An aside that may do absolutely nothing for you!

The next three paragraphs are part 1 (part 2 to follow next week / soon) of me indulging myself (again) in one of my enthusiasms and it may well not float your boat. If this is the case, either indulge me, or move swiftly on to the Picnic stuff below.

You will be aware, if you read my emails regularly, that I'm a bit of a fan of Simon Sinek and his approach to life (both personal and business ) and his semi-autobiographical books "Start with Why","Find your Why", "Leaders Eat Last" (not yet read that one)  and "The Infinite Game". The last of these I'm only reading now, encouraged by watching a number of interviews of him talking about the book over the last 2 or 3 years. And what a great read it is. In it he argues the case for adopting an "infinite mind set" (where one looks to the long term) as opposed to a finite one (short term). He starts his treatise thus,


A signpost stands at a fork in the road.

Pointing in one direction, the sign says "Victory".

Pointing in another, the sign says "Fulfilment".

We must pick a direction, which one do we choose?

If we choose Victory the goal is to win. This he says is Finite thinking.

If we choose Fulfilment, the journey will be long. There will be times when we must watch our step, and others when we can stop to watch the view. And this he says is Infinite thinking.


He continues, over the course of human history, we've seen the benefits of “infinite thinking”, time and time again. The rise of great societies, advancements in science and medicine, the exploration of space. All happened because large groups of people, united in a common cause, chose to collaborate, with no clear end in sight, (hence his use of infinite). And he says, we do these things, not for the promise of a year-end bonus. We do these things because we feel that we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, something with value, that would last well beyond our lifetimes.


Whenever someone talks in this language they have my attention, so in the course of the next week or two, I'll give you a couple of examples from the book, that have really struck me. If you can’t wait to know more, then you can find the book on sale here. And incidentally, I chose this link at random…in this case when I searched the book title, they came in ahead of Amazon! Must ask them who they use for their SEO*.


Smaller Hamper not available. Larger Hamper due in soon.


Navigate Picnic Ware

Ok now onto product. Picnicware is not a subject that I can get terribly excited about, partly I suspect because I don’t go on a lot of picnics, in fact I can’t recall when I last had such an outing... I expect that there are other good reason for lack of enthusiasm, but due to my lack of enthusiasm, I really don’t want to take up time thinking what they might be.

However, the people at Navigate are a really nice bunch, and like most of us, I buy people as much as I buy product. On top of that, what they produce is very good quality that over the years (can't recall how many now, but it's lots, and all down to an old friend in the trade, Michael Lipman who introduced me to them. See… people again !) they have never let us down. The other "however" is that this year their colours are particularly good, and whilst I may not have a lot of time for picnicware, I definitely do have time for colour. So we've chosen two contrasting ranges to stock and delight you with, although of course that is making the rather sweeping assumption that you feel differently about this stuff to me?
Here’s hoping you do.

Ok, so here's the hard sell. There are two ranges.
One called "Three Rivers", which, inexplicably, is blue and white stripes (their marketing department were obviously having a bad hair day, that day), quite a male design, and the other called "Summerhouse Waikiki", which is a pretty fruit and flowers design, arguably therefore more feminine? Marketing were have a slightly better day, that day I think.


In both ranges there are


1.  Picnic Blankets of an ok size at 150cm x 135cm (that’s a yard and a half-ish by a yard and a foot-ish), allowing you to sit on soggy ground with minimal impact on your bottom. £24.99


2. Family Cool Bag, for keeping your food and drinks cool, with enough space for a family of four in a very average sort of way, he said hedging his bets,  £24.99


3. Navigate Luxury insulated Coolbag. This is definitely a girls bag. No that’s not a put down, it's just a fact. I would be slightly reluctant to walk down Reigate High Street carrying one of these. Having said that, I do think they are rather stylish. I've a feeling I'm getting out of my depth now, so I'll stop and just tell you there's two patterns and the cost is £19.99.

4. Navigate Insulated Bottle bag. Suitable for a bottle of wine (or juice?) it keeps the contents cool for up to 2 hours and like the other bags in the range has a zip top. £14.99

5. Navigate Insulated Personal Cool Bag. This ,as the name suggests, is a one man / woman / child lunch bag, that has a 3-hour rating on it £14.99

6. And lastly a Large Insulated Cool Bag Double size, for two bottles. Same spec as the single bottle bag, but has a 4 hour rating £19.99.



Naturally there's tableware to go with these for you to eat your picnic off (fairly certain this is poor English…it’ll have to do though) that comprise Dinner plates, Bowls and Mugs in enamelled steel, Jug  and Tumblers in Acrylic. 



So if my unenthusiastic, lacklustre efforts haven’t completely put you off and you fancy the idea of having some fresh new picnicware for this summer, then this weekend's a good time to buy. And that’s because if you decide to spend £40 or more then we’ll take 20% off your bill.

Use code NAV20 if on the website or tell us who you are, if coming into one of the shops.




So may I wish you a peaceful and pleasant weekend.

Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan


* SEO- Search Engine Optimisation.


  • Andrew Bluett-Duncan

    Dear Mary, Babs, Louise and Suha,
    Thank you all for your kind messages. I really appreciate you leaving them and yes I was delighted to have it returned to me. A bit unbelievable!

  • Andrew Bluett-Duncan

    Dear Diane,
    Not at all out of place to make such a practical suggestion….which I shall do. Nothing like losing something important, to motivate me!
    Kind regards

  • DIane CArdwell

    Dear Andrew, I am delighted that your wedding ring has been found. At the risk of overstepping the mark and stating the obvious may I respectfully suggest that you have your finger measured at a jewellers. It may be that you have lost weight after the loss of dear Babette and your ring may need adjustment. This has happened to me before but fortunately I didn’t lose my ring either. Regards Diane.

  • Mary Cann

    Delighted to read that you have your wedding ring back. Great news to wake up to.

  • Babs

    You had me at ‘the return of the ring’! So happy to hear it was found 🤍

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