Under Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Professional

Under Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Professional

I was unenthusiastic when Babette wanted me to talk about Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers but after listening reluctantly at first,  I began to see some light at the end of tunnel, because I do love ice cream! And the more she talked about the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Professional (ICE100BCU) and the recipes she’d been reading about, and drooling over, the more I warmed to the idea. Emma (Em), in fact, did a demo in the Reigate shop last Saturday to put the machine through its paces and it, apparently, was exceedingly well received. I say apparently because, knowing this was happening, I deliberately went into work on Saturday morning, assuming that at some point either Em or Jacky would bring me a taster. Not sure how they both forgot me, but forgot me they did and whenever I came down to refill my coffee cup it was never quite ready!

Under Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Professional
Under Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Professional

No Cool Down Period

Ah well… here’s the salesy bit. Surprisingly (to me…you’ll see why in a second) she had it running pretty well all day, which for a domestic machine I thought was impressive. I say that because we used to sell another well-known brand’s version and after two lots of icecream we always had to let it cool down for quite a while before continuing. With the Cuisinart that isn’t the case.

Great Conductor

Also, there’s no mucking around with alcohol to transmit the cold between the machine and the ice cream tub. It's aluminium (anodised) which is a great conductor of heat / cold and works a treat. Also, the motor drive is from below which makes it much easier to see what’s going on and to taste it regularly whilst its churning…very important that! Apparently the ice cream also tasted amazing!

Great Treats

This Saturday it's Banstead’s turn to use the demo machine and Babette and Jeanne will be there slaving over a cold Cuisinart Ice cream maker offering you a chance to taste some delicious ice cream and perchance to spend far more than you ever dreamt of investing in a machine to make one the world’s greatest treats. If it’s not too late and I haven’t already gone a bit over the top, I think I’ll quit now whilst I’m still ahead and say that….

Shop Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Makes ice cream in 40 minutes
  • No pre-freezing the bowl
  • Great heat conductor
  • Bulky

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