Under Review: Cuisipro SGT 4 Sided Box Grater

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What's your name?


How long have you used the Cuisipro SGT 4 Sided Box Grater?

5 years (I think)

Why do you like it?

It’s sooo sharp, makes grating almost effortless.

Think of 4 different microplanes in one place and for only £45.

We did fall out when I grated a nail off but that was operator error.

The base plate keeps cheese inside, then you can sprinkle from the top. Really comfy handle.

Easy to clean (we hand wash so as not to blunt the edges too quickly).

Base has a little ginger grating surface too which I often forget is there, but a great well thoughtout design.

Anything else?

Surface glide tech, basically little vertical grooves to stop you slipping off the face of the grater (think tracks up and down)

What's your position with Art of Living?

Shop Manager Extraordinaire!

How long have you worked with Art of Living?

Since September 2015

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I’ve had more careers than I care to admit!

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