Under Review: Grunwerg Bamboo Carving Boards

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These Carving Boards have just arrived in stock and are nicely made and finished.

They are made of Bamboo, which, in fact, is a very fast-growing grass, so pretty ecological.

It’s hard, so is very durable, but soft enough to not blunt knife blades. I feel that the grooves for collecting juices, that are machined on the top surface, are perhaps unnecessarily deep, but maybe that’s just me?

It has a useful, removable, central spiked ring for holding the meat in one place as you carve. This you can store securely in place underneath, when not using it, or not using it as a carving board.

A word about Bamboo.

Sometimes, there are issues with it absorbing too much water and splitting results. This is easily avoided by not leaving it in the washing up bowl to soak, and of course don’t put it in the dishwasher.

And when you drain it ALWAYS drain it on its long side(it’s the END grain that easily absorbs water).

This applies to all wooden boards as well."

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