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For a bloke who loves cake and has a talented pastry chef of a daughter, I can be remarkably inconsistent (which, is the most terrible admission, as in our family I’m credited with insisting on more than the odd occasion, that “CONSISTENCY IS A GREAT QUALITY”) by which, I mean, I’ve very little interest in cake making, and none whatsoever in cake decorating …..

Oops I now hear all the cake makers and decorators in the company, drawing in a sharp breath, through pursed lips…. Tut tut.

So, when Jeanne (the aforementioned pastry chef) got enthused about cake tins, and in this case the American company Nordic Ware, the other day her eyes lit up, and they sort of sparkled with excitement as she pawed over their catalogue, choosing design after design after design. And as we’ve had a good year, I thought let her go to town.

She didn’t disappoint! And, as a result we’ve now more of the wretched things then you could shake a stick at. 

So, what can I, a self-confessed cake tin neanderthal, tell you about them.

Well, from a technical point of view, they are actually a very good product, and I say that simply because the body of the cake tin is an aluminium alloy casting (good for heat spread) with, I’m guessing, somewhere around 2-3mm thickness of material. This makes them strong and gives enough metal to spread the heat evenly.

They are then non stick coated, which they do really need I suspect, to be able to release the quite intricate patterns that some of the tins have.

Prices vary between £48.00 and £63.00. Which I personally think is rather expensive for a cake tin, but once again it seems I’m out of touch with reality, because they do just sell.

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