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Sometime in 2021, at a trade show, we spotted a new, small range of electrical appliances, made by my chums at Zwilling.

My immediate reaction was "ooh, these look really rather classy", with lovely clean lines and no frills.

The range in question is called Enfinigy, which, I find an immediately forgettable name (presumably dreamt up by a junior in their marketing department who had nothing better to do) but there my criticism ends, because the two products from the range that we have tried out, the kettles and the toasters both look very good and work very well.

Let me go into a little more detail.

The kettle comes in two forms, Enfinigy Kettle and Enfinigy Kettle Pro. The first is just a basic kettle. Switch it on and it boils water to 100°C. Simple, no nonsense, smart looking product on the now usual 360° base.

​And, whilst not cheap, is quite reasonably priced for a kettle of this quality and length of guarantee.

The Enfinigy Pro, on the other hand, has a number of benefits that really rather set it apart from the crowd. Both kettles are, in fact, insulated so remain cool to the touch and, therefore, stay warm longer after boiling.

Both kettles have 5-year guarantees, which is 5 times longer than most!

Both kettles employ an 1850w element which is hidden, of course, and both are stainless steel lined, with large diameter lids that make access for cleaning relatively easy.

Where the Pro model differs is in the varying temperatures, of which it can offer six:

  • 40°CHeating Baby Milk and Food…so yes you put the filled baby bottle into the kettle!
  • 60°C Teas such as Green Tea
  • 70°C Teas such as Oolong (never heard of that!)
  • 80°C Instant Coffee
  • 93°C Brewing Coffee (Cafetieres and pour over filter types)
  • 100°C Anything that needs boiling water
  • Then there’s a Stay Warm feature that maintains any of these temperatures for 30 minutes after the initial boil.
  • Another feature, which is claimed as a safety one, is the lid only opening to 70°. (Jury’s out on that one, I found it mildly irritating)
  • The cable store underneath the base, whilst not unique, is very easy to adjust from very short, up to its full 70cm length.
  • The spout, in common with a lot of kettles these days, has a limescale filter, which is effective in keeping limescale out of your tea or coffee, but the Enfinigy design means it’s particularly easy to clean.
  • Double Walled Insulation makes for a safe, cool exterior and I suppose greater retention of heat, which, in the normal run of things, frankly wouldn’t matter very much. However, whilst power is at its current pricing, perhaps it does!
  • 5 Year Guarantee. Very unusual and typical Zwilling, if you’re going to do something, do it really well.

The other product we tested out was the sample Toaster that Paul, our account manager kindly sent us.

There’s not much that you can usually say about a toaster, but Zwilling have managed one or two unique and / or interesting features, which you may find a benefit.

The first, and most obvious one, is that toast was very evenly done all over, even more so than my favourite Dualit, that we’ve had at home for the last 22 years.

Quite impressive!

The second is that it has a useful thaw function and re warming function.

Nice! If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who likes things called “Bagels”(and I’d question why you would like such a thing; like Mother’s Pride, they look and taste like cardboard and presumably have as much goodness in them, not to mention probably a raft of additives that are doing you no good at all) so, if you are one of these misguided souls, then it will also do them as well.

These features are not unique but are really useful.

Thirdly, YOU CAN’T BURN YOUR TOAST! It won’t allow this and switches itself off before burning takes place. My father made a habit, even a virtue, out of burning our toast with some regularity at weekends, which he did under the grill (no toasters in those days), and every time I do the same in our Dualit, the smell, which over the years I’ve come to love, reminds me so much of him.

So, I won’t be replacing my Dualit with one of these, but that needn’t stop you from benefitting from it.

Penultimately, it has “quite a nice” soft lift feature. Why only quite nice? Well, if you’ve ever used a KitchenAid Toaster, then you’d be in for a bit of a disappointment with the Enfinigy because the Kitchenaid has a really sexy, SLOW, soft lift to it. And when I say sexy, it really is quite mesmerising! If you find your mind wandering (or wondering) at this description, then don’t. I mean it as a compliment to the KitchenAid, no inuendo intended. This is a clean publication.

Lastly, it, like the kettles, has a cord store so that you can use as much or as little of the 1 metre cable as you need.Andrew

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