Le Creuset, Riedel Winewings and New Years Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions

I’m growing fonder by the day of Steven Bartlett, he comes across as not only intelligent, but also someone with an open mind and who is seeking the truth of whatever it is that he’s investigating. In a podcast a few days ago, he was talking about the effectiveness (or not) of New Year Resolutions. Personally, I’ve never bothered with them, and always assumed that if I did indulge, it’d last 5 minutes, and then be but distant memory.

Bartlett, who’s clearly done a lot of reading on the subject, quotes an American study that found, of the 41% of Americans who make New Year resolutions, only 9% are successful in keeping them going till the end of the year. And this rather supports my feeling, that they are pointless, although I was surprised that even 9% were actually still going. But, in point of fact, after 6 months, 46% were still being adhered to! Which I was quite surprised to hear and thought that was pretty impressive. I wonder what happens between 6 months and 12 months that so decimates the success rate?

However, there’s an interesting twist to this, in that another study which he refers to, found that when comparing resolutions made at other times of the year (so not New Year) and when looking at the same 6 month period, only 4% were still managing to maintain them. So, with a 1000% plus increase, maybe there is something to New Year’s resolutions….?

Is it because everyone is in it together and people tend to talk about them to friends and family. So, having made a public commitment, see them through. Does the same happen at other times of year? Maybe not.


Ok, to product


A couple more of my poor buying decision or in this case, more accurately, over ordering are the subjects of this week’s offers. So firstly, there a Le Creuset set, which I got carried away with and secondly a Set of 4 Winewings Champagne Glasses, ditto!


Le Creuset 3 Piece Starter Set, + Square Dish + Trivet.  RRP £278.00 reduced to £164.00 and now even cheaper…

At the heart of this set, is a 24cm two handled Sauté Pan and lid (or shallow casserole). A useful size, with 3.4litres of capacity, enough for 4 people, maybe depending on what you’re cooking.

Along with this comes a Rectangular Lasagne Dish 23cm Square in stoneware, and a Round Silicon Trivet (strangely called a Cool Tool). These sets are available in three colours, Volcanic, Cerise and Meringue.

The full RRP of this set is £278.00 and we’ve been selling them at £164.00. We’ve still got quite a number left, which I’d like to reduce. So for this weekend I’m dropping the price still further to £129.00 in the hope that this will bribe you to take one (or two) off my hands.


WineWings set 4 Champagne Glasses: £87.00 down to £69.00. and now even cheaper…

Its matter of record that I don’t like the look of these glasses, but they do sell. Strangely. So beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I have to accept that to you, maybe, they are a thing of beauty, But perhaps most importantly, I can vouch for them being efficacious in their effect. This, like all Riedel glasses, they do with varying degrees of success. None that I’ve tried, fail to impress me to some significant degree.


So, when Riedel offered us the chance to buy Value Packs of these I jumped at the chance. Buying these glasses at their RRP singly, they are £32.50, and therefore £129.00 for 4. The value pack is priced at £87.00 (for 4) and for this weekend we are offering them at. £64.50, exactly half price!

That’s it for this week.

I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards, 


Andrew Bluett-Duncan 


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