Zip Top and Babette's Funeral Arrangements


Now, from time to time I've been known to be wrong about a product. Three years ago when Paul Hargreaves (one of our suppliers) started to import Stasher silicone bags from the States, I was less than enthused and reluctantly agreed to stock them. And yet, I have to admit, that they were a great success for quite a while. And, you know, I found myself having similar feelings about these new Zip Top containers.

Zip Top Silicone Dishes

But when a number of people in the company got quietly excited about the samples that we were sent, I thought I'd better give them a go.

So, I could characterise the Zip Top range as an updated and much improved version of the Stasher bags, because like Stasher they seal almost as well, are made of the highest grade silicone (no nasties to contaminate you food or shorten its life), but unlike Stasher, Zip Top are free standing, which is a big advantage as it makes them so much easier to fill.

So I'm not going to say anything else about them, but instead let the video do the work. I hope you enjoy it for its humour if nothing else, and if it provokes you into buying some of these expensive but beautifully made silicone bags/containers that stand upright by themselves, then that would great.

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To give you some encouragement...

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Babette's funeral

I've been asked by several people if we want flowers or a donation to a charity. Well, donations would be very welcome.

Since 2005 we have been supporting B@titude, a charity working in one of the most needy parts of Surrey based in Leatherhead. They are a Church based organisation, seeking to serve the community that they are in. This involves having a shop where they sell good quality second hand children's clothes and toys, they also provide counselling services and they take families away on holidays that they would otherwise not get. So very much needed and worthwhile work.

So B@titude is one charity we want to support and the other is Marie Curie, whose nurses did the most wonderful job of looking after Babette when she came home for her last 8 days with us. They came in three times a day, every day. They were always smiling, cheery and always caring, just really lovely people..

You can make a donation here and we will split the money given 50/50.

Donate here via JustGiving

Dress code

A number of people have asked me what the dress code is for the funeral. Babette was quite a colourful character, in more ways than one, and I'd quite like it if the funeral reflected that....when you see the colour of her casket you'll appreciate what I mean....!

So I hope that answers your question.

I'd like to thank you again for all the overwhelming support that we are receiving. It quite takes my breath away.

I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards



  • Marie-José MEO

    Sunday August the 8th: Message from Grande Jeanne. « Babette has stopped breathing ».

    I have no words, what to say, there is a great silence, I feel cold, I think of Andrew, Jonathan, Jeanne and Josefine who were at your side until the end at home. Around you, your loved ones are broken hearted and are feeling sad but they are still filled with your strong and lively presence.

    All those who have met you and crossed your paths were also touched and struck by you.

    I have just lost my best friend and It’s not really sinking in yet ; the miles that separate us make it harder for me to realise.
    See you on Thursday to celebrate Babette.
    With love

  • James and Julia Guest

    Dear Andrew, Joanathan, Jeanne and Josie, we are very sorry to hear of your loss. We know how much Babette was an inspiration and a rock to you all. We remember her with great affection and always enjoyed our conversations with her whether in the shop, the school playground or in the early days in Nutley Lane. Julia, of course, particularly appreciated her Frenchness! She was always bubbly, welcoming and engaging but it is her courage, fortitude and wholly positive approach over these last weeks and months that have struck us most of all. We are glad St Mary’s has found a spot for her in the churchyard and will be there on Thursday to celebrate her life with you. God bless, James and Julia

  • Jenny Ruth and Naomi

    Dear Andrew
    We were very very sad to read your news about Babette and although we are sadly unable to be with you to celebrate her life, ( Naomi and I are isolating) we will dress brightly and put music on and remember with great thankfulness her joy, her enthusiasm, her delight in people and her kindness. She has left such a positive imprint behind, and she lived her life so honestly, openly, intentionally and inspirationally, we are blessed to have known her and yourself.
    We are also humbled and honoured for your continued support for Batitude. Deep thanks.
    Sending love and prayers for you and your family.
    May you be comforted through the immense loss with the many beautiful memories and reflections you have and the love of family and friends.

    Jenny Ruth and Naomi

  • Eileen Stanghan

    Dear Andrew, Jonathan, Jeanne and Josie,
    I was so sad to hear that Babette has died (What a brave lady!), but I was glad that she was able to be at home, as comfortable as possible, and surrounded by those who loved her most, those last few, precious days. I hope it was a comfort for all of you.
    I did not see Babette very often, but it was always a pleasure. In AOL she would greet me with a big smile and her bubbly personality. She always seemed to find just what I needed for my latest cookery problem. The same bubbly personality was there when I met her on other occasions. The last time I saw Babette, she appeared by my side, and said, “Hello!” When I turned I must have looked puzzled, because she said, “You don’ recognise me do you? Could it be the hair?” She had dyed her hair bright blue. We both laughed at that.

    I would be honoured to join on Thursday 9th September at 3pm in St Mary’s Church to celebrate Babette’s life. I promise to be as colourfully dressed as possible, but I can’t say that I shall manage to colour my hair bright blue.
    I shall keep all of you in my prayers. God bless you all, Eileen.

    PS. I shall have had a lateral flow test on Wednesday, because I have to have one every week before I go into East Surrey Hospital as a Volunteer Chaplain. I have also had two vaccinations. Please let me know if you are not happy with that (07791 579392 text or call). ES

  • Paul Chandler

    Dear Andrew,
    Grace and I would like to attend the funeral and look forward to celebrating Babette’s life.
    Regards Paul

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