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Lekue Citrus Spray Silicone (without base)

The Lekue 'citrus spray' is an attachment which twists into oranges, lemons and limes and allows you to spray the juices of the fruit onto salads, seafood and other dishes to season them, or for flavouring soft drinks and cocktails.

How to use: cut a small portion of the top of the fruit (slightly off centre from the stem) about half the size of the screw portion of the sprayer. This provides an opening in which to turn the pointed threaded end downwards into it the fruit. once the silicone ring covers the insert area the fruit should be squeezed gently to fill the sprayer up. You then press down on the head to release the citrus extract.

But a lemon is not just for pancake day.............Lemon can be used for lots of things including the removal of grease from worktops, santizing a chopping block, eliminating the browning that occurs when food sits out to long, flavouring drinks, removal of tea stains from cloth, and strangely can help with B.O.

Please note: The citrus spray comes without a base (but we couldn't find the product image without the base. Sorry!).

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