Cezanne, Days Off and FREE Stuff

Not much of an email this week I’m afraid. I took a day’s holiday on Monday, to go to the Cezanne exhibition at the The Tate Modern, with a friend, which I’d recommend if you either like Cezanne, or Impressionism. For me, it was my first time at the Tate, and oh wow what a building.

As usual, food reared it wonderful head during the course of the day and later, I found myself being treated to a lovely lunch in the Tate Kitchen. An occasion not to be missed, sitting six floors up looking out over the river and the Harry Potter Bridge, as it’s known in our family, and St Pauls on the other side.

But on Tuesday I was off ill and slept all day, obviously I mustn’t take any more holiday, the excitement was too much. So, it’s been a case of trying to catch up ever since, with varying degrees of success.

That’s it for this week. I have managed, with a little help, to find something for you to spend your money on in case it’s burning a hole….

It’s a Le Creuset Round Grill 26cm with a free Basting Brush and a Cool Tool Trivet

Round 26cm grill FOC Cool Tool, Basting brush, £131.

Use Code COOL23 to get it at £99.00.​
​Or tell us who you are if coming into the shops.

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