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A few years ago Babette and I came across a company selling “fabric covered in bees wax” for wrapping your sandwiches in, or wrapping up your bread to save it going stale, or putting over the top of a jar that you don’t have a lid for etc etc, and we thought it a great idea but I felt the price was too high, would people really pay £8 to £15 to do this? I felt not so we let the idea go for a time.

Becoming Mainstream

However since then ecology has become far more mainstream, far more important to everyone in the last few years and reducing use of cling film and foil has become more of a focus I think. So in January this year we decided to try out Bees Wax cloth in earnest and started stocking the 5 sizes that Beeswax (the name of the company) do. There’s a small size, confusingly called Medium, that is 10” by 11”(25cm x 27cm) that sells for £7.99, a large size 13”x14” (33cm x 35cm) that sells at £8.99, a Wax Wrap and Go (for sandwiches) that ties up with built in string for £10.99 and a couple of bigger sizes still, one for a loaf and one for baguette that go for £15.99.

Using your Bee's Wax Wraps

For the most part, the warmth of your hands is sufficient to quickly mould the wrap to any shape you’re likely to need. To clean it you can either just wipe it over with a damp cloth or wash in cool soapy water. Keep away from dishwashers, washing machines and microwaves. They last approximately a year and can (if you can find it ) be recharged with more wax or recycled and then you will have the perfect excuse to come in and spend more money with us, that we will endeavour to make as pleasurable as possible for you.

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  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to mould
  • Lasts only a year

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