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Some weeks ago Em and Jeanne came to me and said, "we are getting asked for silicone oven gloves". A few years ago, we used to do the Mastrad one called Orca which was very effective, if a little unsightly!

Well, I allowed Jeanne and Em to choose where to get an equivalent from and they chose three models from KitchenCraft. Three seemed a bit excessive to me, but it’s quite typical of the way we do things here, cover every eventuality!

And it’s also true that whilst I don’t really like the look of most silicone gloves, they are remarkably effective in use and often a doddle to clean.

Masterclass Pro BBQ Oven Gloves
I’m going to start with the top of the range gloves.

They’re described as BBQ or Oven gloves and look for all the world like a pair of thick but otherwise ordinary black woollen gloves, but with strips of silicone on the palm to give grip, which it certainly does very effectively!

The “Woollen”material is obviously not wool, but is described as a revolutionary fire retardant material. And in fact there is a picture of someone hold a ramekin in their gloved hand, using a blow torch (to caramelise the sugar?), which, I don’t know about you, but I'd be reluctant to do this with an ordinary oven glove for fear of setting light to it and possibly my hand as well!

So a pretty advanced product in the way it will protect you and it still manages to be very flexible as well…can't always say that of oven gloves!

Heat resistant to 250C, a pair of these are not cheap but, I suspect, very effective. Unusually I haven’t tried them. 

Masterclass Silicon Double Oven Gloves
These are a bit more traditional in look, but differ from the norm in replacing fabric with silicone.

The silicone is lined inside with a black insulating material of some sort that makes them comfortable to use and importantly, makes them easy to get on or off.

These are my favourite out of the three models, partly because double oven gloves are always connected together (don’t find I’m searching for the other glove  that someone has left on the kitchen table) and partly because they are so easy to pick up and use.

Incidentally, the silicone is sufficiently thin for them to remain very flexible.

Heat resistant to 250C and again, not cheap but I think very good value for money 

Masterclass Single Oven Glove
A single oven glove made entirely from silicone, but with a fabric insulated lining.

Like anything made of silicone, it has good grip qualities, but I found harder to put on, I don’t like single gloves because the other one in our household used always to get left somewhere obscure, which is why we now only have doubles (lack of self-discipline here which if you are not afflicted with, you can safely ignore) and it's the most expensive out of these three, as you’ll need (at least) two.

It’s also the ugliest.

But I’ve just been told the best seller….so what do I know!!

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