Under Review: Epicurean Chopping Boards

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Thirty odd years ago Richard Gilbert (the then importer of Epicurean) introduced us to a new concept, a “wooden” chopping board, actually made of wood fibre (or recycled paper) and resin that was thin, light, dishwasher safe and gentle on your knives.

The brand was called Epicurean and we’ve been selling them successfully ever since. They’ve just had a bit of a revamp, including now being made in China, rather than the States, so the prices have dropped a bit, but the quality appears to have remained high.

The salient points of these boards I’ve listed below, but just one observation. There is the original range (no rubber feet) and an additional one with rubber feet. I’ve never found the need for feet, because all Epicureans we have at home (six in all!) have remained completely flat and don’t move when I’m chopping on them.

But, some customers have complained that their board spins/moves in use. I’m honestly not sure why that is, could it be the kitchen worktop surface isn’t flat, has their board bowed for some reason?... don’t know  the answer. But if you feel the need for rubber feet then you have three sizes from which to choose.

Ok, back to the benefits to you:

  • Non-Porous. So don’t take on smells or odours.
  • Five different sizes. From 20 x 15cm (8 x 6”) to 44 x 32cm (15 x 12”)
  • Dishwasher Safe. The only wooden boards that you can safely put in the dishwasher day in day out.
  • Warping. They won’t!
  • Soaking them. This won’t do them any harm.
  • Light weight. Makes them easy to move, to take in or out of cupboards and drawers.
  • Rubber feet on some models (for uneven surfaces?)
  • Knife health: Like wooden boards, Epicureans won’t blunt your knives quickly because of the “give’ in the material.
  • Other uses: Trivets for putting hot pans on. You can do this quite safely without fear of marking (unless the pans red hot) and even then, you can just sand the mark away! They are essentially wood.
  • Other uses: Cheese board. Cheese looks particularly good on the black versions, I think.
  • Other uses: Bread Board. A lovely sour dough loaf from your local Artisan bakery just looks beguiling on one of these boards.

Ok, so that’s it. My favourite chopping boards for the last 30 odd years. Beginning to feel like a proper salesman when I reread what I’ve said …must be getting the hang of this job.

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