Under Review: Joseph Joseph Can-Do compact can opener

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What's your name?


How long have you used the Joseph Joseph Can-Do compact can opener?

8 years, it was one of the first things I bought when I joined.

Why do you like it?

I do love a gadget that works and isn’t huge!

So simple to operate, once you understand what to do.

Never got it stuck, works on tuna tins which can be tricky for some openers.

Little button engages when the blade cuts, once you’ve gone all the way round, you can plop the lid straight into the recycling with a press of the button.

No handles to hold shut which can be difficult for some of us with power or arthritic problems.

Anything else?

The only downside is you are left with a sharp edge to the top of the can, so if you have a dog who might raid the recycling bin, perhaps this wouldn’t be a good idea. 

What's your position with Art of Living?

Shop Manager Extraordinaire!

How long have you worked with Art of Living?

Since September 2015

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

It’s a running joke that I keep buying water bottles in the desperate search for a cure to my permanent dehydration!

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