Another Eclectic Week

Offers on Jura, Tala Bowl covers, Pestle and Mortars from the Josephs, Adhoc and a Dream Farm potato peeler.

Another eclectic week this week. I have Jura, Tala Bowl covers, Pestle and Mortars from the Josephs, Adhoc and a Dream Farm potato peeler.

But before I get stuck into these, a friend sent me a link to an interview that Oprah Winfrey did, some years ago, with a chap called Eckhart Tolle, who even longer ago wrote a book called “The Power of Now”. It took me a while to get into it, but after a while I began to get the message that Tolle is putting across.

Thus far I’ve listened to the first 20 minutes twice and if, living in the present (i.e. not in the past and not “hoping” in the future) is of interest or speaks to you in some way, then you may well find this a good listen.

Jura Ena 8

Every morning I pop down to the shop from my shed, on the flat roof of the new (in 1976) extension, to the shop, to make myself a coffee on a machine that I rather take for granted these days. It’s a Jura Ena 8, the latest version with a touch screen. All I use it for is a Black Americano, and I know how to make that.

But for some reason I’ve never been able to get my mind around Jura machines (clearly a training need!) and so, when thinking about what I might say,  I went down to consult one of my oracles on the subject, namely Paul Taylor. He promised to provide me with a list of the useful things it can do, and possibly some of the entirely inconsequential things it can do as well.

Paul’s list has come out as follows:

  • Makes black or milk coffees.
  • Comes in black or white.
  • Price – RRP £1095.00
  • Now touch screen.
  • Tells you when it needs cleaning, emptying, filling and descaling.
  • Makes 1 or 2 cups of coffee simultaneously.
  • Lights your cup up – Yellow, to enhance crema, white to enhance milk.
  • Looks sexy… like a storm trooper (if you think a storm trooper is sexy!) This is Paul’s opinion, and maybe it goes without saying that it’s a white one he’s thinking of!
  • Thermo block water heating. Only heats what’s needed. So economic to run.
  • Personalise.. Each coffee setting for Strength, Water volume, Temperature & amount of milk foam. Also, on the touch screen, the coffee menu can be moved around so your favourites are on the first screen (there are three screens)
  • Machine info and Maintenance at a “touch of a button” or screen.

My offer this weekend is £890 for the Black and £990 for the White.

Tala Silicone Bowl Covers

Next, we have Tala Silicone Bowl Covers. They  are our best selling flexible bowl covers these days. You get 6 in the packet, one each of 21cm, 16.5cm, 14.5cm, 11.5cm, 9.5cm, 6.5cm diameters.

All will stretch to at least 50% bigger than their stated diameters and are a very “Eco” friendly way of sealing tops of jars and bowls for storage in the fridge or freezer, are of course reusable and avoids using one use products such as cling film or foil.

Good value at £6.99 for a pack of the six of them.

20% off this weekend. Use code MARCH20


Pestle and Mortars.

Ad Hoc, who make some really lovely salt and pepper mills, a little time ago, came out with a couple of wee Pestles and Mortars.

Made of Cast Iron with Acacia wood handles (very often looks like teak, but is sustainable), they are really quite beautiful, as miniatures often are and yet really very usable.

Strangely named “Camo 8 Pestle & Mortar” and “Camo 7 Pestle & Mortar” at £33 and £30 respectively, they aren’t given away exactly, but somehow, in the flesh, seem worth every penny!

20% off this weekend. Use code MARCH20

Joseph Joseph Pestle & Mortar

The Joseph Brothers design is called Dash, not entirely sure why, but again is a thing of some beauty and on a much larger scale to the Adhoc ones.

It will suit the cook who uses a pestle and mortar a lot and for much larger quantities. It’s quite novel in storing the Mortar in its lid (which is in itself quite unusual) in a very elegant fashion and made entirely of granite, will happily reduce the most determined peppercorns form cracked to a powder. Price £45.

20% off this weekend. Use code MARCH20


DreamFarm Self Sharpening Potato Peeler

I’m sorry to say that I have yet to use this clever potato peeler. However, Jacky (Reigate shop) and Andi (Warehouse) both assured me it’s their favourite, because it’s so easy to use; it’s so sharp it glides across the potato removing the skin effortlessly.

It’s a very clever, typical DreamFarm product (they always try to add value in everything that they design) and in this humble kitchen gadget they have once again succeeded. Every time you pull back the cover to expose the blade, prior to use , a tiny honing wheel wipes across the blades to keep them razor sharp.

Clever and simple. £9.95.

20% off this weekend. Use code MARCH20

Mother’s Day

If I’d had my brain in gear last week, I’d have reminded you about Mother Day this Sunday. But I didn’t because I didn’t, so if you buy solely on line from us then it’s too late. If, on the other hand you can get to either Cobham or Reigate then this reminder may still save the day.


Last thought

Well, that’s it for this week.

​I’ll leave the last words to Billy Connolly…”The desire to be a politician, should bar you for life from ever becoming one.”  After the revelations on WhatsApp of how some people in positions of responsibility, think of those around them, he may have a point…?

May I wish you a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan



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