Babette Update and Sage is Back


Babette update

I'm very pleased to say that as I write, sitting on our sofa at home with Babette lying in her "super hospital bed" less than 2 feet away from me, she is still alive and arguably in a far better mental state then she has been for a week or so.

And this courtesy of the love and support that we (Jonathan, Jeanne, Josie and I) are lavishing on her, but also the quite incredible care and love (not a word I use often or lightly) that NHS nurses, doctors, Marie Curie nurses and our local surgery have shown her and us. Not to mention our neighbours, who have kept us fed and watered with freshly made bread, whole meals and even an extremely passable bottle of claret (much better than the stuff I usually drink) in there somewhere.

What we are going through is extremely difficult and challenging (British understatement), but at least this week there are four of us at home to care for her and that certainly makes a huge difference. But of course I am, I've had remind myself, in full time, gainful employment, or least I think I am! But for the last two weeks they have managed completely without me and Jeanne, and in small teams such as ours, that is quite a feat. So a very big thank you to all of them who have worked extra hours or made special arrangements of one kind or another to enable Jeanne and I to stay at home with Babette.

Sage is back

After a hiatus lasting 18 months-ish, the Australian Brand, Sage, has returned to our shelves, I am very pleased to say. The reasons for this gap are not entirely clear even now, but certainly one of them is a timing issue. They, unfortunately, chose to start distributing their ranges themselves in the UK (rather than through Beam, the original distributer) right at the start of the pandemic and I believe that this, along with unexpected warehousing problems, lead to a dearth of product availability.

What I can say, briefly, about Sage products is that they have two characteristics which are the reasons I chose the brand in the first place. One, the quality is very high, which their guarantees tend to bear out. And secondly, nearly all of them are not only well or cleverly designed, but also have unique features that other manufacturers haven't thought of, that are designed to make your life easier or more satisfactory in some way.

However, as with last week's email, I've very little time to write to you again so I'm going to let our comparison chart do the talking.

Compare Sage products

I think it's true to say our teams in Reigate and Cobham will be able to dredge up enough from their memory banks to be able to answer most questions you may have, or they'll find out if they don't know the answer (if, and when, the memory banks fail!).

Our pricing will, for the most part, be the same or similar to, or better than, all the big discount retailers, but do let us know if we've missed something and we'll price match, in all likelihood.


Lastly I'd like to thank you if you were one of the many people who left a message on the blog about Babette. We were all very touched by them as family and personally, a number brought tears to my eyes or a lump in my throat, as I read of memories and feelings that Babette has generated in others, who she has touched in her life.

Thank you.

Kind regards



  • Alice Banks

    So many fond memories of Babette, cooking and dishing up at Winter Night Shelter, in the Drop-In as well as in that beautiful room that you created to be the hub of your home and where she was able to spend her least days.

    Babette was quite an amazing woman, a good role model for others not least because she was not perfect, but able to acknowledge her shadow as well as her evident gifts.

    If there is a celebration of Babette’s life I would be honoured to attend if at all possible.

    In the meantime there are and will always remain several recipes and tips that Babette shared with me and will ever be prefixed with Babette’s …..

    My sincerest condolences to you and the family.


  • Peter Davis

    Praying for you and your family. Babette doesn’t need it she is with God now.
    God bless

  • Danielle

    Firstly,I wish to send my heartfelt condolences to you and your family Andrew. I’ve never met you personally but had engaged in conversation with Babette in The Banstead Branch a few times over the years but obviously not recently. What started me talking to her was the trace of an accent. By a trace,I mean a trace. I then proceeded to speak some French!! She was a delight to talk to and gave me good advice,surprise surprise 😁. I’ve also met your daughter Jeanne who has advised me on several occasions. She clearly has many of Maman’s traits,so friendly and helpful.
    I was originally shocked to learn of Babette’s illness and subsequently saddened that, despite the lengths she went to,she could not overcome it. She certainly gave it everything that she could.
    I wish you all,the courage and strength you need to see you through the next few days,months and years. Those you love NEVER leave your thoughts. You eventually learn to live with just their wonderful memories.

    Take care all of you.

  • Linda Knorpel

    Dear Andrew and Family, Please accept my sincere condolences. Your loss is great as Babette was a force of nature and she will be missed by so many. Linda x

  • Sue Gall

    Dear Andrew and family,
    I just wanted to send our sincere condolences on the sad news that Babette has passed away. We didn’t know her personally but have felt such empathy with your family through her struggles as you so sensitively describe in your weekly emails.
    Our thoughts are with all your family and of course also with all your Art of Living colleagues.

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