Two New Colours from Le Creuset


Here at AoL, we always eagerly await a new Le Creuset colour release, and on February 1st 2023, they spoilt us with not one, but two new colours. Azure & Shell Pink.

New Azure from Le Creuset

If you are a Le Creuset enthusiast then you may well be delighted to hear that they have just released a new Blue, called Azure. It’s described as a colour half way between Blue and Cyan in Wikipedia. I’m not sure I agree with that, but it is a beautiful blue, very similar the outgoing Marseille Blue that I mentioned last week. However, where it differs, is in the shading (light to dark). In the case of Azure the shading goes from light sky blue to a Cobalt Blue and the effect is really quite striking.

Now, when it came to listing these new lines, I thought that I’d add Blue after the word Azure to make it very clear what colour we are talking about. Paul, who amongst other things does the technical side of our website and who is, as you might imagine of someone who codes for a living, a pretty precise sort of fellow, looked at them, the merest trace of a smile passed over his face as he pronounced that it’s saying blue twice. And in his very gentle way he’s not let me forget it since. I was married to a pedant, and she wouldn’t have let it go unnoticed either!

The range is very comprehensive. It’s available in cast iron, in stoneware, kitchen tools, water bottles, wine coolers, salt and pepper mills, etc. etc. and I counted over 65 items. And we have an offer this weekend, so read on…


Wot another colour?…

So, whilst I really rather like the new Azure (there you are Paul….) my chums at Le Creuset have also decided to bring out another colour. It’s called Shell Pink, and what can I say that’s positive about it? Paul, Jacky and I were discussing it this morning, and in the end Jacky, who is a young, trendy mother of three, well young enough to have an Instagram account anyway, sent me the wording that the Le Creuset Marketing Department had come up with.

Known in these parts as prolific users of the word “Perfect” when talking about any of their products, what they have to say about it was really quite low key ...whilst Shell Pink is gorgeously subtle, this soft and delicate shade of pink will add charm and sophistication to any kitchen." This, for them, is quite a reserved approach. And whilst I still see it as marketing speak, I also have to admit that they’ve done a remarkable job of convincing the world that Le Creuset is the cookware to aspire to, and putting colour to one side for a moment, quite rightly so. But pink cast iron casseroles? Please..

When expressing this opinion to Jeanne the other day, her eyes lit up and she waxed lyrical as to how Shell Pink will make the right colours around it “pop”, as she puts it. And I’ll grudgingly agree, it does look very good next to Azure and it also goes well with Coastal Blue. So, if you’re a “Trendy Young Thing”, a “Trendy Middle Aged Thing” or a “Trendy Old Thing” then maybe this colour is for you?

Me, I’m going to give it a wide birth, proving beyond all reasonable doubt, that I’m not a trendy young thing, nor a Le Creuset lacky. In fact, if you never hear from me again, it’s likely that the Le Creuset Marketing hit squad, found their target.

The range in Shell Pink is about half the size of Azure, the biggest difference being a much smaller range of cast iron (I wonder why?).

Our offer to you this weekend is buy two or more pieces in Azure (Blue) or Shell Pink from any part of the range in either colour and get a 20% discount. Use code AZURE-PNK if you’re shopping online. Or tell us who you are if coming into the shops.


Mumsnet… refreshing.

One last thought. There was an article I spotted in The Week, recently about Justine Roberts the founder of Mumsnet. Apparently, her site was beginning to be overwhelmed by discussion and vitriolic argument about Harry and Meghan. Instead of shutting it down completely she cobbled it into one topic to stop it taking over (is the impression I’m getting). In the article she said “she would rather moderate debates than shut them down. If an opinion is legal we will host it,” she goes on to explain. “Because that’s the only way of understanding the other side’s point of view.”

“The only way of understanding the others point of view”. In a time when we are becoming more and more polarised, and less tolerant of those who don’t hold the same views as us, this stance is, I think, a refreshing and laudable one.

Taking a leaf out of her book I shall, for instance, still talk to you if you buy Shell Pink….

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards, 


Andrew Bluett-Duncan 



  • Andrew

    Hello Julie and Nicky
    I am sorry about this situation. It does seem ridiculous to all of us here that first as soon as you buy something from us you get unsubscribed! Secondly that we appear powerless to do anything about it!

    We have now, at long last, found a replacement system and are about to sign up to this email provider. It’s going to take a couple of months to set this up, but come April, this issue should be but a distant memory.

    Kind regards

  • Nicky N

    Same here, received newsletter until this week. I placed an order after last week’s, is this what has unsubscribed me?

  • Julie Kirby

    I used to get the weekly letter from you but I now have to read it on the blog. I have tried to register but still do not get an email.

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