West Country HiFi and Bribery Without Corruption


Its bribery time, but before I get to that, I spent a very pleasant weekend with an old friend Francis and his wife Marie last weekend,  down in Somerset,  and as well as putting the world to several rights, we also indulged ourselves in one of the passions that for some reason is seen as a blokey sort of thing. And that is listening to music. Francis introduced me to this pastime/passion/skill many many years when we were in our late teens or early twenties and got me interested initially I recall, when he played a piano piece firstly on his old record deck and then on his new one. Suddenly the piano didn’t sound like a recording any more, but sounded as if it were the real thing, but perhaps still in the next room. Since then I think it‘s fair to say, that we’ve spent enough money on our respective systems to nudge the piano into the same room (very exciting and beguiling), and when listening to an orchestral piece, to happily “see” where the violins are as opposed to the cellos or the woodwind. In other words the stage effect can be quite dramatic and completely mesmerising when you get it right! Why this should be the preserve of men, I don’t know and I don’t understand.
Anyway he had booked an hour in the demo room with a very well informed Dave, of Sevenoaks HiFi, in Yeovil, last Saturday morning. I took some music with me of course (these days you don’t walk into a HiFi shop with half a dozen records under your arm, you put it all on a USB stick!...) and we listened to it on a Roksan amplifier playing through some Kef bookshelf speakers, and oh wow,  haven’t things moved on in the last twenty or so years since I last bought any HiFi. We were both mesmerised by the sound quality, the stage effect and the complete naturalness of what this very simple system was producing! If you enjoy listening to music (as in sitting down to listen, as opposed to using it as background sound) then you would do worse than to try this system out. It’s a Roksan Attessa Amp and Kef LS50 speakers….impressive! (and no, I don’t have any association with either Sevenoaks, Kef or Roksan)

Onto Bribery
Ok back to my first words. When it comes to buying in offers from our regular suppliers I sometimes chose the wrong thing, or sometimes the price isn’t good enough, and sometimes I’m just tempted to order too much, and a combination of these scenarios quite often happens especially when Vicky from Le Creuset comes to see me and tempts with rafts of her unmissable offers! So it was, that at sometime in the past, when men were men, girls were girls and my memory was still intact, I bought in a number of these. Some that worked brilliantly and some that we still have stock of.


As more Le Creuset offers have just arrived, one or two people in the business hinted that it would be good to move on last quarters offers. “Good idea” I thought, so here are my bribes to you to get you to take these off our hands. Not every line is in stock in all locations, so if you buying from one of the shops and are making a special journey, please do check beforehand to avoid us disappointing you, and then feeling obliged to pay your petrol and carpark as an apology….! If buying on the website and it’s not in stock, we may still have stock in the shops, so do feel free to ring one of the shops who will be able to look it up and help you out.

Ok, So that’s the end of my bribery …if you’re not bribeable, then you may find these new offers of interest…

  • Le Creuset Bistro Casserole Round 22cm in Cerise, Meringue, Bamboo & Black £179. This Weekend £155. The Bistro casseroles are a bit shallower than their normal casseroles and a bit deeper than their shallow casseroles…sorry it’s a bit vague! But as I’ve said before, food always looks good in a shallow casserole.
  • Le Creuset  Bistro Casserole Oval 23cm in the same colours £159. This Weekend £139. The oval equivalent of the round ones above.

And then there’s the “piece de resistance”


So that’s it, six good offers from Le Creuset, that I hope will tempt you.  And that’s it from me as well, this week.

I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.


Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan

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