AdHoc, Newish Lines and God Save The King


The Liverpool shed extension build was a success I’m pleased to report. Not only did we get the walls installed (the roof we built a few weeks ago), and the door constructed, hung and latching, but we had to visit the biggest B&Q  I’ve ever been in, on two occasions (lucky me) a real treat for a tool geek. There they do everything you could imagine and then some that you couldn’t, in every size that you would want and the some that you wouldn’t. Whenever I go to a place such as this the words of our retired IT man Derek Overton, are ringing in my ears. “A job isn’t worth doing if you don’t get a good tool out of it”... just got to buy something!

Fixings and Power Tools Centre

In fact, it reminded me of the Fixings and Power tools Centre just down the road from us here in Reigate (in Salfords on the A23, next door to the BMW showrooms). If you’re after any DIY tools and fittings, this is the place to go locally. Their range is extraordinary, everyone there seems to know their stuff and can offer genuinely good advice and Steve, the manager, couldn’t be more friendly and helpful. The prices are competitive, and the quality is high. And no, I’m not getting a kickback for saying this, just a very happy customer, but if they want to send me cake (from Canakin maybe?), then I shall be forever in their debt.

Adhoc, newish lines

Sometime last year Jane Mason and Andy Wheeler, from DKB, took Jeanne and I out for lunch and part of the conversation turned to new product and specifically the new Adhoc Salt and Pepper mills. The range that really caught my eye was the Adhoc Ikon range of mills. A Wood and Stainless Steel Cylindrical design, made in five sizes. The wood is Acacia (sometimes looks like teak, but can also go very light, like Beech). 

The movement is ceramic, so that you can put either salt or pepper in them, they are easily adjustable by turning a knurled knob on the underside of the mill. And they have a decent capacity, apart from perhaps the small 11cm one. Speaking of which, the five sizes are 11cm, 16cm, 22cm, 30cm and a giant 40cm. Prices are £33.00 to a slightly eye watering £98.00! 

Having said that the movement on these mills are movements for life. You’ll be getting the same results (coarse, medium or fine) in a years’ time (or 10 or 20 years’ time for that matter), as you will the first time you use it.

The Coronation Offer
To tempt you into splurging your hard earned cash on one or more of these beauties, or any of the other mills in the Adhoc range, I’m offering you 20% off this weekend. Use code ADHOC20 if you are shopping on line or tell us who you are if coming into Cobham or Reigate shops.
I’ll leave the last word to the playwright Carl Zuckmayer that I spotted in The Week recently.


“Tact is the great ability to see other people as they think you see them”.


A little jaundiced maybe?

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful Coronation weekend.
Kind regards
Andrew Bluett-Duncan

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