Amadeo's, Halloween and Intentional Time.

I was watching a Steven Bartlett podcast, of him interviewing a chap called Paul Brunson, the other day. Paul runs a very successful dating app in the US, and he made a number of interesting observations, about us human beings, with particular emphasis on how we act as couples. He says that, as a couple, we spend an hour, or maybe two hours, a day together (of potential good quality time) and in that, instead of real conversation, typically one of us will be watching TV, or on the computer, or texting, emailing, etc. etc. So, really ignoring our partner and therefore not talking about our ideas, dreams, hopes, feelings and so we don’t connect. Intentional time, he says, is vital for good healthy relationships and I recall Babette and I going through times like these but then we'd go on a long car journey together, which was often a time when we’d reconnect, if life had just been too busy. So I thought that this was interesting and wondered if it might rings bells for you?

In fact, as I walked into work on Saturday, I saw what I imagined was a great example of this. A couple with a young child sitting together outside Café Nero in Reigate town centre, which would have been a picture, the three of them as a small family group sitting together, enjoying the morning sun and a hot drink, were it not for the fact that he was staring off into space, and she was head down, madly texting and the child was entertaining itself. Of course, I hope I'm wrong about them and just caught them at an inopportune moment, but I expect you get my's so easy to do, unless, as Paul says, we make a conscious decision to block out everything else.

So, he said, (about to shoot himself in the foot). SHOULD YOU BE READING THIS NOW....? Or, should you be turning to your other half, snuggly tucked up beside you (if you're reading this at 6.00am, it’s ok...he or she won't be awake). But if it’s later, then maybe you need to stop reading and engage him or her in riveting conversation about the meaning of life...the answer to which, in case you missed it, is 42. For these purposes I'm going to assume, like Douglas Adams, you can't remember what the original question was either, and so that then leaves you with plenty to talk about (meaning of life) and you won't need me to entertain you. If you are not quite there yet and prefer reading my prose, then read on and I shall try to satisfy your entertainment need.


To product:

This week I'm rather scraping the bottom of barrel (very little entertainment here I'm afraid) because it's my least favourite time of year, which is Halloween. All this means to me is horror films, and little else.

You may recall that I wrote about Le Creuset's Halloween range back in September and really my view hasn’t changed, but for the fact that we've actually sold quite a lot, which I find slightly puzzling. But who am I to be the arbiter of good taste?..

So here, distinctly lacking good taste and enthusiasm is what I could muster for these truly awful products...

They comprise a cast iron casserole made to look like a pumpkin, of sorts. Being Le Creuset, it is actually beautifully executed, from its unlikely silver coloured stemmed lid “knob”, all the way to its bottom, but I find myself otherwise failing to find anything else nice to say, it’s £269 down to £216.80. (Stock due in, November 10th)


There are then little Pumpkin Lidded Casseroles, in Stoneware with slightly wobbly lids (that match the rectangular dishes…the wobble I mean) these are £27, down to £22.60. 

And lastly, a Pumpkin Medium Dish (no lid to wobble) at £18.70.  

That’s it on Halloween.

Jeanne, in Cobham, wanted me to mention that she has just taken delivery of the Amadeo Double Magnum Decanter made by Riedel.

It’s the most beautiful and impressive piece, as indeed it should be. It will set you back £1750, although we do have it currently reduced to £1400. 

Make a great Christmas gift for the person in your life who has everything, and you love them to the tune of £1400 pounds...

Ok that’s it for this week.

I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards, 


Andrew Bluett-Duncan 


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