August Blues and an Ingenious Potato Peeler

I am very fortunate in having a job and lifestyle that is largely a very happy one. That is to say I enjoy what I do, both at home and at work. Much of my life is intellectually stimulating, I still have my three children at home (not sure at 26, 28 & 29 that that shows great parenting…but that’s a debate for another time).  But we’re a generally happy household, where there’s fun, serious discussion, consideration for others, tolerance and understanding, in good measure. The collective words for these, I think, might be love and respect. Which in themselves I don’t take for granted and sometimes surprise and delight me.

What sometimes surprises me even more is that we have managed to engender quite similar feelings in the work place as well. So, I am very fortunate to work with people in Cobham, Reigate and Redhill who are (in my opinion) quite unusual, and quite exceptional in fact.

So what’s all this about, what’s it leading to.

Well, unusually for me, I’ve had a pretty shitty month. If you’ve been following the Art of Living story for a while, you will know already that its just over two years ago that Babette (my wife) died, on August 8th 2021. And actually, last year we had a party to celebrate her life. This year that seemed like a bridge too far, so we didn’t. But I’m wondering if the feelings of missing her have almost been magnified as a result? Don’t know.

Anyway, this situation has been exacerbated by two of the people I’m closest to being away the whole of August, and three other close friends have also been away for significant chunks of the month.

And I’m telling you this, not for sympathy, (we all have to go through this at some stage in our lives, often several times) but simply that it’s tiring this grieving business and I’ve not got enough “spoons*” left to write the weekly email.


* Spoons” are, in modern parlance, ( and in case you’re unaware of the term), a measure of energy, so Josie my youngest tells me, and when she uses it I find it it a rather fetching term.


To product, briefly then…

The Sharple was new this year and has been a great success, rightly so. It appears at first to be a conventional potato peeler. But as you pull back the cover over the very sharp blade, you feel a slight resistance, this is the blade being sharpened. And, having done its stuff, and you push the cover back, once again the blade is given a wipe over with a miniature honing stone. This maintains its edge.


It is simply designed and works a treat, time after time after time. £9.95 worth of potato peeling heaven, assuming you’re a ‘blade in line’ sort of person. If you're a Y peeler type, then this isn’t for you!


Available in red, orange, green, blue, yellow and purple. Please email ( or call us (01737 222996 - Mon - Fri 9-5) after placing your order if you have a preference for a specific colour, and we will try our best to accommodate your choice, stocks allowing.

That’s me for this week. I’ll leave the last words to Calvin Coolidge.


"If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you." Calvin Coolidge, quoted in National Review


I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend. 


Kind regards



Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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