Cashflow, Overstocks and Irresistable Offers

At this time of year cashflow often starts to bite, depending on how good trade has been (although that is a double edged sword, as good trade requires higher stock levels) or how profligate we’ve been with our hard earned cash. In fact, most of the profit from the good times we’ve experienced in the last three years, we’ve put straight back into the business, in the form of a huge increase in stock holding, almost double what it was 4 years ago.

This is somewhat excessive and mainly down to me (unlike the managers in the business who check with me before placing an order, there no one to check on me and I can, it seems, sometimes get out of hand). So, now we could do with a thinning out some of the excess in these lines.

The result of this, is that this week, I’ve got some particularly strong offers, that may well tempt you to spend some money that, up until today, you had no intention of doing!


The Offers include Riedel, Le Creuset, Joseph Joseph and Robert Welch.

Riedel Vinum Viognier/ Chardonnay 6 Pack

This is a good, white wine glass, particularly for any of the aromatic, or medium dry or dryer white wines. Please don’t use these glasses for the heavy, oaked, rich buttery Chardonnays, it will only convince you all the more that your opinion of these wines is correct i.e., “Anything But Chardonnay”.

These have an RRP of £165 for 6 glasses. Riedel are currently do a Value Pack for £130. My offer price is £99.00!  So, a really good time to buy them.


Riedel O Cabernet / Merlot Stemless Glasses

If the Viognier glass may be construed as a general purpose white wine glass, then the Riedel Cabernet bowl, could be used for a wide variety of the more robust red wines. So this bowl shape shows off Bordeaux’s very well indeed with their Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes. But it will also pass muster as good alternative for Shiraz, Syrah, and other heavy reds.

This is the stemless version of the Vinum range, called simply “O”. So very stable, space saving and of course does the same job on the palate, that its far more expensive stablemates do, just not so elegantly I suppose?

This set, sold in pairs would retail at full RRP for £90.00 (our price currently for 3 pairs £71.85) . Riedel are offering this as a Value Pack of 6 for £82.50, and to get our stocks down I’m doing them for a somewhat unbelievable £49.00!

Robert Welch Signature “Book Knife Block 7 Piece Set”:

This is one of my favourite knife blocks, with one of my favourite knife ranges. Why a favourite block? Well, unlike most knife blocks where you need to lift the knife out of the block, precluding their use under a low hanging cupboard or shelf, this block only requires you to lift the knife up less than an inch to be able to then pull it towards you. A very simple, clean and clever design of block that looks gorgeous in Oak and works as well and as easily as you would expect from such a design house.

The 7 pieces comprise the block and 6 knives:

  • Signature Carving Knife, 23cm.  A decent length of knife for carving.
  • Signature Bread Knife, 22cm. My thoughts here are the same as the carver…long enough to be useful
  • Signature Cook’s Knife, 18cm. A really good size of Cooks knife. Big enough to do most jobs, without being scary.
  • Signature Kitchen Knife, 14cm. A good general purpose knife that many will find they pick up a lot.
  • Signature Santoku Knife, 11cm. For me the least useful knife in the block?
  • Signature Paring Knife, 10cm. Can you ever have enough paring knives…?

RRP on this block is £325

WE have a bit of an overstock of these, but not huge so I’m limiting it to the first 12 blocks to sell. £100 off, down to £225.00. Use code BOOK12 online or tell us who you are if coming into the shops.​

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Grillit 26cm with FREE Accessories:

Sometime earlier this year Le Creuset offered us a very nice deal on their 26cm Round Grillit and with it, they were giving away, appropriately I thought, a free Cool Tool (their strange name for a Trivet), and their Basting Brush.

We added this up and worked out that the RRP of this little lot was about £175.  The offer RRP was £131 which, whilst not an oft used price point (unsurprisingly) was very good, and I thought they’d fly. I was wrong.

So now I want to just get rid of them, so we’re dropping the price to £89.00 so please buy one (or two!). You can even use it on the BBQ as well hob top, and they come in three colours Volcanic, Deep Teal or Cerise. Only £89.00!

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board set of 4 Boards:

The  Josephs Index Board sets may be have been around since the ark, but it doesn’t lessen their usefulness. We have the residual stock left (about a dozen of each) from an offer from sometime last year.

There’s the regular size with 4 boards 23cm x 30cm. This has an RRP of £60.00 yours for £35.00

And the Large size with 4 Boards 27cm x 34cm. This has an RRP of £70.00, and we clearing these at £39.50

Tower BBQ Tool Sets:

I talked about these a few weeks ago and as the weather is meant to be nice this weekend I thought I’d mention them again.

£29.95 down to £19.95.

That’s it for this week. I’ll leave the last words to Simon Sinek, on the difficult matter of effective communication.


“Communication is not about saying what we think. Communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean.”


Easier said than done, methinks.

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards

Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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