Coffee up a mountain side and a Riedel offer.

My cheery team, happily looking forward to our Riedel evening. Not sure what's going through my mind, though!

We are still looking for a number of people to join our teams and continue to find it hard to recruit the right people.

However when I reflect on it I don't find it surprising really, as it is a gruelling life of dedication to their art, that my teams have to endure. Only last week, they nearly all felt obliged to attend an evening training session of trialling 4 different wines out of a number of Riedel wine glasses, then consuming pizza, salad and a number of puddings (so that they didn't get drunk), all washed down with more wine, (which may have defeated the first aim). And this selfless act was all so that they can tell you, first hand, how wonderful the effect is of drinking your wine out of the correct shaped glass. Quite a sacrifice, giving up their evening I think you'll agree, but one that they seemed happy to do.


And talking of that particular event, it was led by Martin Turner, our Riedel account manager, who as I may have mentioned before, is a walking, talking encyclopaedia of wine and food knowledge. He did a wonderful demonstration of the "Winewings" glasses, that is one of their latest designs. Sometime late last year I reluctantly took on this range (I think they lack any aesthetic value and I've referred to them as "the ugliest glasses wine in the world") but I will admit, that since then we have sold a quantity of them (so am I wrong?) and I also did discover, through testing them myself, that the Cabernet and Chardonnay glasses do work perfectly well. 


Kindness and generosity come in all sorts of different forms in life and this story is a case in point, because, not withstanding my antipathy towards this design, Martin not only brought the glasses for the event with him, but then proceeded to tell us that they were for us to take home and use ourselves. At a retail price that was well over £100 worth, for each of us. I was somewhat gobsmacked by the generosity, and all the more since I slated the design only a few months before. So, I'd like to thank Martin for coming up with the idea (I assume) and for Steve McGrath (the UK MD) for "Okaying" the gift and not holding a grudge against me for my "outrageous" opinion!


So, as I sit here, in a cottage sunny north Wales, there's part of me that could go on, but on the other hand there a stroll to be had before dinner I think, and then dinner itself to think about, and of course what wine to choose to accompany it. And, in case you're concerned, from what glass I might be sampling these wines, then let me put your mind at rest. I have brought with me suitable Riedel glasses from which Jim (my brother) and I can appreciate the modest wine collection that we have with us, all inexpensive wines that will just shine, being drunk from the correct shaped bowl.


"Jim, who can make spreadsheets dance and sing for their living, is challenged when working out where to put the seat cushions".
"Jim is a coffee lover of some repute and in fact is an avid Sage Barista Express fan, a machine he loves so much that he actually takes it on holiday with him (so yes, we have this quite sizable machine sitting on the worktop in the cottage). He does however draw the line at taking it on walks up the mountain. Instead, with aid of his trusty Trangia (camping stove) he makes his brew with an AeroPress,(which at present we don't sell) which seems to keep him happy..."

My offer this week is a simple one. Martin some time ago had an offer on Winewings "Cabernet Glasses" in a set of 4, which would have a normal retail of £116.00. This Value Pack, as Riedel refer to them, is 25% off at £87.00. For this weekend, you can buy them on a "Special Special" Offer at £77.00 which is less then £20 a glass. Use code WINGS when checking out.


So, if you're in the market for these "Beautiful" glasses, now's the time to get your wallet out!

The only commonly drunk Red Wine that they won't benefit is Pinot Noir, so if you're a Burgundy fan (you might ask yourself why?) then avoid this glass....'tis otherwise going to enlighten you.


And please do remember that if you disagree with me, having tried it, let us have them back and we'll refund you. This is a very straight forward guarantee, with nothing hidden and no strings attached, although I would prefer that you washed them up beforehand...


By the time you read this I will be in Liverpool, Merseyside, land of Liverpudlians, the Beatles, Tranmere Rovers (I include them just to ingratiate myself with a couple of my colleagues who seem to think football's a game of some merit), and where my brother lives. I will have exchanged getting up at sparrows fart, and tramping up vertical hillsides for DIY nirvana, and shall be helping him insulate his new shed...exciting or what...!


I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.


Kind regards




Andrew Bluett-Duncan


Since Andrew wrote his piece for this email, we've taken delivery of Winewings Chardonnay and Winewings Syrah Value Packs, which are also available at £77.00, using code WINGS 


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