Demeyere SECONDS. A Riedel Event & Pressure.

A Riedel Event later this month

If you’ve been intrigued by my regular references to Riedel glasses over the years, and the effect they have on my wine drinking life, then you may find yourself intrigued again at the thought of testing out my assertions for yourself, and at no risk….

And that’s because on Wednesday 25th October we are holding a Riedel Wine Glass Tasting Event (the first one in several years).

We will be sampling four wines, in four different Riedel glasses, and you will be able to tell for yourself if you think that my claims are true or just a case of the “Emperor’s new clothes”.

The tickets are £10 each, or £35 for a table of four, and will be held at the Colman Redland Centre, 33 Croydon Road, Reigate RH2 0NA.

The evening will be led by Martin Turner, from Riedel, who’s knowledge of wine, and what food to pair with it, is encyclopaedic.

There will be offers on the night that will undoubtedly encourage you to order there and then.

So be warned, especially so if you’re a sceptic, you may leave having spent more than you planned!

Our Guarantee

If at the end of the evening you disagree with me, and feel it’s all been an awful disappointment, then say so because, as with everything we sell, we’ll simply refund you (this applies to everything, if something is not what you were expecting).

In which case the cost to you is just a couple of hours of your time.

Read more about The Riedel Wine Glass Tasting Event

To product

I’m away this weekend which means there’s very little time to write. But before I go, I do want to tell you about a rare delivery that we’ve just had. As you know, if you’ve been shopping with us for a few years, getting hold of Demeyere Seconds is something of an uncommon event.

Demeyere SECONDS

Demeyere, just in case you’re not familiar with the brand, is almost certainly the best cookware in the world, and Atlantis (their flagship range) with its Triplinduc base (highly efficient on Induction especially as well as gas or Aga) Silvinox finish (virtually stain proof) with either copper, silver and / or pure aluminium bases (that spread heat like lightening) are currently way ahead of the competition, and by a significant margin.

All this quality comes with hefty price tag though. So, when Paul, our Demeyere account manager told me that he had some seconds available, I felt Christmas had come early.

Below is a list of these seconds we’ve managed to get in, which are approximately 20% off their normal prices. By seconds, Demeyere means very minor blemish on the surface which have no effect on its cooking abilities and often is barely visible.

Below is a list of our current availability. I know that every sales email says this, but when these have gone, they’ve gone!

·        Demeyere SECONDS Atlantis Casserole 20cm, 24cm & 28cm
·        Demeyere SECONDS Atlantis Stockpot 24cm
·        Demeyere SECONDS Atlantis Saute Pan + Lid 24cm & 28cm
·        Demeyere SECONDS Grill Pan Square 5ply 28cm
·        Demeyere SECONDS Industry Frying pan 24cm & 28cm
·        Demeyere SECONDS Industry Saucier 20cm & 24cm
·        Demeyere SECONDS Wok Stainless Steel 30cm & 32cm

Browse All Demeyere Seconds Products


That’s it for this week, so I’ll leave the last words to Steven Bartlett, taken from a chapter in his new book, “Dairy of a CEO”, called “You must make pressure your privilege”.

He concludes the chapter with this paragraph.

“Pressure doesn’t have to be a negative thing, and - if framed correctly - it can be energising. Recognising, owning, and using pressure can be a powerful tool when it comes to achieving aims in business and in life”.

I think he’s spot on.

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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