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A limited email this week I’m afraid. I’m away from Thursday, for four days, and although I did go into work on bank holiday Monday, it wasn’t enough in the end to give me time to write about either of the subjects that had caught my eye, since last week, namely the Gottmans who’ve been studying couples’ relationships for over 40 years and have some very interesting findings…

And, a few days ago I came across a slightly strange article about a slightly strange musician (who’s intellect I have a deep respect for) who has some interesting observations on life. 
But these two will have to wait for another week. 
But whilst taking life seriously, it's 2 years and 8 months since Babette (my wife and co-director) died, and in the year afterwards I found myself on Kate Capper's* excellent 6 week bereavement course, that, as a new widower, I found helpful, very friendly and comforting. This was partly because it isn’t religious, but run by two people who have been through it (loss).

She wrote to me last week telling me that she’s starting a new 6 week course about now and asked me to pass it on.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m sorry that rather obviously if you don’t live in the Reigate area, then this can’t realistically be for you. 
One of the points that Kate made to me is that this course is not only for people recently bereaved, but often it helps people years later process their loss.

If you feel it might be for you, then you can contact her on kate.capper@stmaryreigate.org and the church centre number which is 01737 221100. 

*Kate Capper is an associate Vicar at St Marys Church in Reigate and she ran Babette’s funeral, and was a great source of listening and comfort to me and my children at the time, and since.

Meanwhile my daughter Jeanne has been wandering hither and thither between Tokyo and Osaka and some of the land that lies between, enjoying herself and the fantastic displays of cherry blossom that the country is famous for at this time of year. 
Last time she left these shores, six years ago now, she ended up in Sri Lanka, three days before the Foreign Office suggested that all British nationals get out of the country. Bombs were going off all over the place and I remember it as if it were yesterday. She did get out, of course, but it was pretty nail biting (British understatement).
Japan has, so far, remained remarkably calm, peaceful and, as I write this, on Wednesday of this week, I’m hoping that it remains this way!
The last word is another of Simon Sineks observations on life…
“Great companies don’t offer us something to buy. Great companies offer us something to buy into.”
I think that this is true. Great companies, give us something that we can believe in, you might even say that they give us a cause to believe in.

Is this too highfalutin? 

Well maybe, but I’m sitting here, typing this to you on my three year old MacBook Pro, with its perfect keyboard, wonderful sound system, solid build and that synchronises perfectly with my Iphone in all respects. And despite a perfectly awful operating system (give me Windows any day of the week) I’m nonetheless completely “in love” with the combo…
I hope that you also have a calm and peaceful weekend, no bombs, just cherry blossom.
Warm regards
Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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