I'm obviously out of touch!

26th March 2021

Andrew Bluett-Duncan

After praising Le Creuset for their integrity last week, at having paid the government back for all their furlough support during 2020, I then happened on a rarity, a Le Creuset product that I didn't much like, namely their new water bottle, which I thought looked a bit naff. I was obviously wrong, or my taste is just out of touch,  because we almost sold out of them over the weekend!

So I will try to sound genuine and not begrudging or hurt when I say "thank you very much" if you were one of a number of people who bought one. And just in case you missed last week's email here is a link to them again

Incidentally, in putting these on the website we discovered that we hadn't put the "beautifully designed" Le Creuset Travel Mugs on the site either. Unlike the water bottles, I do think they are rather nice. A simple design with a very good splash proof and  flip top lid,  to make  opening and drinking from them one handed and easy. They are also narrow enough to fit the slightly under nourished cups holders in my beautiful BMW B10 Alpina which is 22 years old. In those days  there weren't much in the way of insulated travel mugs around, you may recall, just ordinary cardboard ones which were much slimmer so car manufacturers made them smaller. So this is perfection for me ....perhaps you'll feel moved to disagree and not buy one?

I've hit another derth of new product this week so I'm now going to hand over to Babette to give you her update.

Please click here

I trust that you have a good and peaceful weekend 

Kind regards 


Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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