Relationships, Mugs and Living on Purpose.

An interesting theory
I may be stating the obvious, but if you’ve been reading these weekly emails for a while, it may well be apparent to you, that I am very interested in relationships and what makes us tick.

So, the other day I was intrigued to come across a woman called Carol Ryff, an American psychologist, who’s developed a theory that she called “The six-factor model of psychological well-being”. It determines six factors that contribute to an individual's psychological well-being, contentment, and happiness.

They are:

1.      Strong and positive relationships with others.
2.      Autonomy, a feeling of control over your time.
3.      Environmental mastery. Is the area you live in or the way you live, conducive to everything you want to do?
4.      A feeling of purpose and meaning in life. Do you have a goal(s) that you are working towards?
5.      Personal growth and development.
6.      Self-acceptance. Know your demons and accept them.

I found the list an interesting one, and mentally giving myself a percentage score for each of them (the highest I awarded myself was 70 or 80% for no.1).

When I reached the last one, no.6 Self-acceptance. Know your demons and accept them. I realised that for me, historically, that has been a bit of a challenge. The big benefit has come gradually, and it almost crept up on me, when I wasn’t looking. 

And it is this. The more I can accept my own inadequacies, doubtless you’ll be surprised to hear that I have such things, but it would be futile to deny it, my family alone would have a substantial list, before we even start on friends and colleagues…. 

Anyway, back to inadequacies. I’m less harsh on myself these days, and so I am more accepting of others short comings, (whether real or imagined) and don't judge them! And you know it’s been quite a release.

Ok and now for some product.

Le Cresuet Mug Offer
Le Creuset are offering a 3 for 4 offer (you get 4 mugs for the price of 3) on all their mug ranges at present, so I thought I’d bring this to your attention.

We have a drawer full of them at home so are rarely left wanting in that department. 


1.      In the London Mug (350ml) at £15.00, which is what I refer to as their standard mug, there are 28 colours which have just had the two new colours added to them, which my advanced mathematics tells me is now 30 in toto.

2.      The Cappuccino Mug (200ml) at £14.50 is available in 15 colours. 

3.      The Espresso Mug (100ml) at £14.00 comes in 17 colours. 

4.      The Grande Mug (400ml) at £20 is the most expensive looks like an over sized tea cup is in 15 colours. For those who want a bucket of tea when they awake.

5.      And lastly there’s Coupe Mug (320ml), at £14.00, which is rather a nice cosy shape that comes in just 4 colours.

You may mix and match any of these for colour or size, and your free mug will be the cheapest, if you’ve chosen mugs of different price points.


Shop All Le Creuset Mugs


Joseph & Joseph Dustpan & Brush
Back in November I wrote to you about the new Joseph Joseph broom, which I’m pleased to say you took to heart and almost cleared us out of. And at the time I promised to let you know when the matching Dustpan and Brush arrived. Well now it has.

I must admit that it’s not quite as exciting as the broom…. 😉, but it is just a wonderfully neat design that, like the broom comes complete with its own storage system that can mounted on a kitchen cupboard door, or a bit of spare wall.

The holder can be easily unclipped for cleaning. The dustpan itself works well with a slightly flexible rubber leading edge that ensures you pick everything up. And the brush clips securely in place to the pan, when not in use, which in turn is stored in the holder.

Another simple well designed product from this company. For this weekend, buy any two Joseph Joseph products and receive 20% off.


Shop All Joseph Joseph

I'll leave the last word to Simon Sinek.

“Most of us live our lives by accident – we live it as it happens. Fulfilment comes when we live our lives on purpose”


I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Warm regards,


Andrew Bluett-Duncan



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