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Discover Le Creuset and get our experts' advice on buying your next Le Creuset products. We've answered all of your Le Creuset questions, and have plenty of tips for making the most of your Le Creuset products.

About Le Creuset

Le Creuset was established in 1925, and continues to lead the market in cookware, bakeware and tableware. Its vast range of colours helps it to stand out in any kitchen or dining room, and Le Creuset is known for its classic Volcanic colour.

Le Creuset's products range in price to suit every cook or household. Whether you're a beginner cook or looking for top-of-the-range cookware, Le Creuset is perfect for you.

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What's the most popular Le Creuset product?

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole Volcanic

Le Creuset's iconic Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole is currently its most popular product. This comes in a range of colours and sizes - there's one for every size of household! If you're new to Le Creuset, we recommend starting off with one of these casseroles.

The size ranges from 18cm to 30cm, however not all colours come in all sizes.

The Casserole can be used on any hob type, as well as in the oven or under the grill. It's made from a single piece of cast iron, so heat spreads evenly from the base to the rim. We recommend cooking on a steady low to medium heat, making your food delicious, and locking in moisture with the tight-fitting lid.

Le Creuset Measurements Guide

What colours do Le Creuset products come in?

Ranging from the classic Volcanic and Cerise to the newer Deep Teal and Meringue colours, Le Creuset cookware and tableware come in over 15 different colours. Not everything comes in every colour, but you can choose from the main ones below to see what we have in stock!

Our customers love coming back and adding to their collection with matching products, something Le Creuset can easily achieve!

Is Le Creuset worth it?

Absolutely! Le Creuset is a globally trusted brand, with many years of experience. Their products come with exceptional guarantees, often Lifetime.

Although Le Creuset's price range may not suit all of our customers, we think that an investment in their fantastic products is worth it in the long run, and you'll never regret buying.

At Art of Living, you can enjoy exclusive offers on several Le Creuset ranges. Check out our Le Creuset Sale page for more details, or explore some of our most popular sale ranges below.

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What size Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Casserole should I get?

Le Creuset Measurements Guide

Round Casserole

Size 18 cm 20 cm 22 cm 24 cm 26 cm 28 cm 30 cm
Capacity 1.8 L 2.4 L 3.3 L 4.2 L 5.3 L 6.7 L 8.4 L
People 2 2-3 3-4 4-5 6 6-8 8-10

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Oval Casserole

Size 25 cm 27 cm 29 cm
Capacity 3.2 L 4.1 L 4.7 L
People 3-4 4-6 6

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Shallow Casserole

Size 26 cm 30 cm
Capacity 2.0 L 3.5 L
People 2-4 4-6

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How do I clean my Le Creuset product?

First of all, wait for your product to cool down. Don't plunge it into cold water!

Let the product soak for 15-20 minutes to get rid of any food residues.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or metal, harsh abrasive or very stiff cleaning pads or brushes on any of the surfaces.

Dry well after washing and store in a dry place.

Are Le Creuset products oven-safe?

Le Creuset's Cast Iron products with a stainless steel or metallic knob, or cast iron handle, can be used in the oven up to 260°C.

Products which have a classic black phenolic knob can be put in the oven up to 190°C, and those with a signature black phenolic knob can be used up to 260°C.

Any products with a wooden handle cannot be used in the oven.

Are Le Creuset products dishwasher-safe?

Le Creuset's Cast Iron products, with an integrated cast iron or phenolic knob, are dishwasher-safe.

Some products which have wooden handles, such as frying pans, are not dishwasher-safe.

We recommend cleaning cast iron products by hand, as this keeps the enamel shining for longer. Always dry thoroughly before storing.

Are Le Creuset pans non-stick?

Le Creuset's Toughened Non-Stick range features an incredibly strong and durable coating, which has just been improved and is now 4x stronger!

The cookware features a state-of-the-art 6-layer body construction, creating long-lasting equipment backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Are Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Frying Pans non-stick?

No, it is not a non-stick surface but over time will behave like one as it develops a natural patina that is ideal for searing, browning and frying with the advantage of being extremely long-lasting and resistant to wear.

Can you use Le Creuset on induction hobs?

Yes, all Le Creuset cookware (except Stoneware) can be used on induction hobs. We recommend using a low to medium heat for durability.

What is Le Creuset Signature Stainless Steel?

Le Creuset's Signature Stainless Steel range features a special 3-layer construction, allowing heat to spread evenly and gently. The precision rim makes it easy to pour, and markings within the pan assist with measuring.

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What is Le Creuset's guarantee?

Le Creuset offers a Lifetime Guarantee on several ranges, covering faulty workmanship and/or materials when the product is used in normal conditions.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • Cast Iron
  • 3-ply Stainless Steel
  • Toughened Non-Stick
  • Bakeware

10-Year Guarantee

  • Stoneware
  • Wine Accessories
  • Salt and Pepper Mills

5-Year Guarantee

  • Kettles

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