Recycling Our Packaging and Helping the Environment

Each year we send out thousands of parcels throughout the UK and beyond. Each order is safely protected to survive its onward journey and the inevitable bumps and bashes it will encounter. We pride ourselves on our high standard of packaging and also care deeply about the environment.

Being a retail business, we receive a large amount of boxes and cartons from our suppliers. Where possible we reuse these boxes for sending out orders. One exception is that if an order has a different delivery address to the billing address, we will always use a plain, anonymous box. This way we don't spoil the surprise if it's a gift. Also, you can always request an anonymous box when placing your order, if that helps keep a pressie under wraps.

Reduce the amount of waste that we are each producing. This means trying to cut down on food and packaging waste, as well as mending or fixing things where possible.
Reuse items as many times as possible before disposing of them. Purchase fewer single use items & instead stick to products that will last longer & can be reused multiple times.
Recycle items wherever you can when they have come to the end of their use, rather than throwing them out. Buy items that have been made from recycled materials where possible.

Using a 'previously used' box may not look as nice as a shiny new box, but it does help to save on cardboard. So if you receive such a box, don't worry that it advertises a different product from what you have ordered. Open it up and you will (hopefully!) find your correct order inside. It is always a fine balance between the size of outer box and the amount of SuperTube used for each order. We always err on the side of caution.

Our "Standard" boxes can be configured into 21 different sizes, but occasionally, due to a particular items size or shape, it may look like too big a box has been used or there's too much SuperTube inside. But we would prefer that rather than the order arriving damaged or broken. We also ensure each order is protected by filling underneath as well as on the sides and top. Something many companies don't do.

All our packing materials are recyclable with most boxes, according to our box supplier, being used and recycled back into new boxes within 14 days. Very impressive! The SuperTube (bubble wrap on steroids) that we use, is made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene) which can be made into a number of different products through polyethylene recycling, such as plastic panelling, rubbish bin liners, furniture, rubbish bins and compost bins.

As well as you being able to recycle our packaging, we recycle as much of our suppliers packaging as possible. Our weekly visit from our Hungry Recycling chap, affectionately known as Hungry Simon is always much anticipated, although it usually involves a fair amount of last minute rushing around making sure that all our plastic, paper and cardboard has been properly sorted.

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