Riedel Wine Glass Buying Guide

Riedel is a world-leading manufacturer of wine glasses and decanters.

They're dedicated to creating unique, machine made and hand-crafted glassware that will never disappoint.

About Riedel

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Which is the right Riedel glass for me?

Match The Glass to your Wine

How does wine glass shape make a difference?

Are Riedel wine glasses worth the money?

Of course, the answer is yes, but let's provide a bit of context. Our glasses range from £11 each (or less if you buy a Value Pack) to £100 each. Whilst a £100 glass cannot change the quality of a cheap, poorly made wine, a terrible glass can reduce the appreciation of a very good bottle of wine.

Producing Riedel glassware

Riedel glasses are all hand-crafted from lead-free crystal at their factories in Austria and Germany.

This guarantees the high quality of each individual glass, however it does mean there may be small blips in the size and weight of each glass - this is an acceptable part of the process!

The main Riedel factory is in the idyllic Austrian town of Kufstein, about 4km from the border with Germany. The company has invested heavily in its machine production and has two systems of production lines that are capable of making approximately 91,000 pieces per day and 28 million glasses per year.

The mesmerising, whizzing, fire-breathing machines that blow 1500-degree non-lead crystal into moulds, mechanically attaches the stems, laser-trims and fire polishes the glasses for a final time before they are inspected for any flaws.

Imperfect glasses (approximately 30% on a good day) are destroyed, crushed and re-melted into the crystal mix, a process that helps improve the quality of the crystal itself.

Interestingly, if there is not enough recycled crystal content added to the mix each day, additional recycled glass will be added to perfect the recipe.

Decanting wines

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About the Riedel wine glass ranges

Range Price range Our opinion
Vinum From £44 per pair High quality glassware for everyday use
Veritas From £50 per pair Perfect for wine lovers, unique design and worth the investment
O From £24 per pair Stemless alternative, great for a gift or for casual drinking
Extreme From £34 per pair Featuring large bowls and long stems, intensifying the wine flavours
Sommeliers From £88 each Add an extra level to the drinking experience, perfect for enjoying fine wines
Performance From £50 per pair Unique optic impact, enhances the wine's aromas
Ouverture From £24 per pair Great starting range for wine drinkers, can be used for any varietal
Superleggero From £75 per pair Extremely lightweight and ultra-thin, for the most fine dining
Winewings From £27 each An unusual design, but perfect for advanced wine drinkers
Veloce From £50 each

Looks and feels handmade! But is, in fact, produced by machine, using new, cutting-edge technologies and is a true precision tool.

How do I look after my Riedel glassware?

Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.

To avoid stains, use soft water, and avoid glass contact with metal or other glass to avoid scratches.

White vinegar can be used to remove stains.

Washing by hand

Wash with warm water, using detergent, and rinse carefully.

Never hold the glass by the base when polishing, as the stem can snap.

Riedel sell a Microfibre Polishing Cloth to add extra shine!

Storing Riedel glassware

Keep your glassware away from kitchen cabinets which may have other aromas that could translate into the glass!