Under Review: Dexam Sintra Terracotta Range

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Under Review: Dexam Sintra Terracotta Range

Bryony Dyer, from Dexam, came to see me a while back and brought with her samples of a rather attractive range of Terracotta, called Sintra, in three colours, Green, Blue Ink and Ochre.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve stocked a range of terracotta, so I was very pleased she’d added it to hers.

The Sintra range comprises.

1. A Wine Cooler.
2. A beautifully shaped large Jug, 3 Litre capacity.
3. Two sizes of Tapas Dish.
4. A nice little Oil Drizzler.

The colours are good and pretty durable for terracotta. What do I mean by “pretty durable”. Well, there’s terracotta and there’s terracotta, and my guess is that this range is fired at a higher than usual temperature, which is a good thing, as it makes it stronger, less likely to chip and just a bit more practical.

So you can put this terracotta, not only in the oven, but also in the freezer and the dishwasher (both of which softer terracotta’s don’t like). But bullet proof it isn’t. When washed up and stored, if not entirely dry it can go mouldy on the unglazed areas, in quite a short time. This is easily washed off, but forewarned is forearmed. This is a normal characteristic of terracotta, they all do it, I’m afraid.
I love the range, and particularly have my eye on the large jug, a very handsome piece and very reasonably priced.

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