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The first Joseph Joseph storage product I want to tell you about is just so simple and clever that it somewhat takes my breath away, and in fact, it may be a masterly stroke on their part to have dreamt up and produced.

Cutlery drawer trays with a difference
It's a cutlery drawer organiser that is unusually flexible in its makeup. And name apart, it's called BLOX... strange.... I think it's just very clever.

There are two sets available, let me explain. 

Blox 7 piece Set which consists of 3 different sizes of tray, that are able to clip together on all sides allowing you to arrange them more or less as you wish and generally will measure 26cm (10") by  44cm (17"). I say generally because you could configure them differently, for example by splitting the trays into two sections.

Blox 10 Piece Set. This set has 5 different sizes of tray in it, so offering even more flexibility or complexity. And in fact they quote two configurations for this set, 26cm (10") by 87cm (34") or alternatively 44cm (17") by 52cm (21"). I think it is probably easier to understand looking at the pictures on our website. 

To conclude, I doubt I'll be using it for its intended purpose, but I've got a number of Ikea tool drawers which infuriatingly the Ikea trays don't fit properly. I think I may have just found a solution. Downside? Yes, I think they are a bit pricey, but as Henry Royce once said, the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten (or words to that effect) and these trays are really well engineered, so go together well and stay together. A small price to pay for a really flexible, elegant and efficient storage solution that will go on doing its job year in year out. 

A small stroke of genius, I think.


Rotating storage called Cupboard Store
Then there's a couple of turntable pieces. A single tier stepped affair that will go in a typical kitchen cupboard (the shallower cupboards above worktop level) which because it turns makes it very easy to get at the stuff at the back. And at the back, which is on a raised level, there's a little bit of storage under the shelf. And of course, the back shelf, becomes the front shelf in a trice, courtesy of the turntable.

There is then a two Tier version that cleverly allows for different height bottles and jars to be accommodated. 

Slightly to my surprise I found I rather liked the way these two products work. We don't have any shallow, high level cupboard in our kitchen at home, but if we did I'd almost certainly be tempted to give them a try.

Lastly there's a Cupboard Drawer Store piece which I don't like because the drawer in its base whilst very free running, I'm sure I'd pull open to find the whole thing has been dragged forward, rather than just the drawer as there are no rubber feet on its base. Maybe with heavy glass jars on it to weight it down it would be ok? Don't know, if you decide to try one out and it works for you then please do let me know.

Equally remember our guarantees if you don't like it, just return it and we'll give you a refund.

Drawer Store: Expanding Cookware Organiser
This may not be the work of genius that the cutlery trays are, but it's certainly well designed and a very flexible bit of kit. It's designed to hold lids and pots and pans (on their side) in a drawer, where you can pull it out to see exactly what you've got, at a glance. It consists of an adjustable base into which you place dividers to keep your lids sitting upright and you cake tins/ saucepans separated from each other.

You can vary the depth (back to front of the drawer) from 30cm (12") to 56cm (22") and place the dividers pretty well whereever you want.

A very Joseph design, a well thought through solution to a common kitchen storage problem.

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