Under Review: Kuhn Rikon Essentials

Today I’ve chosen a new range of kitchen tools that we’ve recently taken in from the Swiss manufacturer Kuhn Rikon. I say Swiss manufacturer, these tools, as you might expect, are actually made in the far east. They are, however, wonderfully heavy duty, and feel like they have some real heft to them, not too heavy, but when I first picked one of these up, I felt I had real quality in my hand.

Under Review: Kuhn Rikon Essentials

They come with either a tubular stainless steel handle (which is C shaped in cross section, with a flat side) or twin rods, also stainless, infilled with a type of durable plastic. They are very smart looking, sharp where they need to be, soft where they need to be, springy where they need to be. And talking of springy, there’s a big difference between their whisks and some on the market. These whisks have more wires then the usual and spread over a greater depth than the usual. The effect is to beat far more air into a mix, so making them very efficient.

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